Letter to My Fellow Humans

I found myself “looking forward” to having 3 of our grandchildren spend the night tomorrow night and this question ‘hit’ me:  What kind of world will my grandchildren inherit?  And, taking into consideration the state this world is currently in, this answer also ‘hit’ me:  DO–OVERS!


Do-Overs – That’s what we need…  On behalf of All of my fellow humans, I call:



For those that don’t know what “Do-overs” are, it’s like a ‘mulligan’ in golf…  We play games with our grandkids and, sometimes if they mess up, they say “do-overs” and, get to take their turn again – the first one didn’t count…


And, that’s what we need to do – NOW – before it’s too late…


Maybe it’s because after all of our kids grew up and my life slowed down a little and, I’ve taken the time to search for the reasons why things are like they are and, why am I here and that kind of stuff, that I’ve realized that this IS NOT the kind of world I ever would have envisioned for my grandchildren to grow up in…


I know that most of my fellow Americans believe that we’ve got “the best” ‘system’

– Capitalism and Democracy – in the history of man.  For anyone reading who still holds on to that beLIEf, quit reading now and go back to sleep.  You’re not really participating – you’re sleepwalking through your life…


At some point every being on this planet will realize that:  Things are ‘the way they are’ because Each of Us has Accepted and Allowed it.  Yep.  All the Wars;  All the Greed;  All the Corruption;  All the Abuse; All the Starvation;  All of the Slavery;  EVERYTHING IN THIS EXISTENCE – Exists because WE Have Accepted and Allowed it…   The problem is that most people don’t realize this until they’re old – like me – and they see it as ‘too late’ and they can’t do anything about it…  There’s always been a quiet few…  What has to happen?  People simply have to WAKE UP…


We have accepted and allowed Money to become the True God of this world.  Those that have the most money, want it all.  Those that have ‘some’ money, want more.  Those that have a ‘little’ money, just want to have a source of income to keep it.  Those that have ‘no’ money, just want to survive.  And those that have never known money, don’t even realize that THAT’s why they die of starvation…   The need to accumulate money ‘works’ off of that fear – for survival…


A child under the Age of 5 DIES – EVERY 5 SECONDS, due to hunger related causes.  Not because there’s not enough food in this world but, because they’re POOR.  But, those aren’t the kinds of things we tell our grandchildren…  Is this the kind of world that we all hope continues?


What is Your vision of the future for YOUR grandchildren?


Anyone still reading that believes that Religion or Governments will provide the answers to the world’s problems can stop reading, too, and go back to sleep.  You’ll hide from the Truth, anyway.  With the track record of these two fine institutions over the past – what? –Centuries – you won’t be getting any Answers there.


Religion and Government were “invented” to Control the “people”.  And they’ve done a pretty good job of that.  They’re in cahoots.  “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”  Unless, you’re doing it in defense of your Religion or, Your Country…   Millions have been brainwashed to believe that:  It’s OK, to Kill another being.  And millions have lost their lives defending themselves because their government’s/country’s “leaders” placed them in that position.

Throughout history, most wars that have been fought have been due to Greed or Religion.

And, we’re STILL doing it today…  The puppet masters create fear within the population that there is a ‘threat’ so that they can start a war…  They want to control more – that’s Greed…  And, throw in the extreme religious views to fuel the fire…    The Old Testament documents over 2.25 MILLION people KILLED by the hand of or, at the direction of an “all loving and all merciful” God.  See, it’s alright to have wars…

Pure BS.


The Religious person who refused to go back to sleep is thinking:  But, the New Testament isn’t like that.  It’s all about Love and Jesus and stuff…  Yeah, and the Jesus stuff is where Most Christians become Hypocrites…  By definition, a Christian is Christ Like.  Meaning, they follow Christ’s example.  Really? What are the most important teachings of Christ?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  And, Love thy neighbor as thyself.  How many Christians Really do THAT? There weren’t any Exceptions in those teachings.  Do You do that?  Do you see yourself as better than, or more deserving than ANY other Being?  If you do, and you’re a Christian, then You Are  a HYPOCRITE.  You do not follow the teachings of Christ.  Period.  There’s no Buts about it.  If you see yourself as anything but EQUAL TO each of those children that DIE while you’re reading this, you’re not really Christian, are you?


Yeah, we need “Do-Overs”, don’t we?


The government and the money/capitalist system have made a mess of This Country.

Millions have lost their jobs.  Corporations have closed manufacturing facilities and moved production to other countries – Why?  It’s all about GREED.  They can pay a slave laborer in Indonesia or, Central America 18 – 40 cents an hour, and sell the products at a hefty profit – simply so they can make More Money.  These are in the group that Want it All… Only a few benefit in this system at the expense of the many.  The separation between the rich and the poor is worse now than in the history of this country.  Poverty is at an all time high.  Crime is rampant.  Abuse makes headlines.  The elderly can barely survive.  The middle class is shrinking and, their purchasing power has spiraled downward.  People have to work to an older age before retirement.


Is this the world You have envisioned for Your grandchildren?



I called it.


Now, one might ask:  How could we possibly have Do-Overs?  Can we?  Is it possible?


Which begs this question:  WHY NOT?


After all, it’s all “Made Up” …


There’s no rule that says that we Can’t have another shot at making this world the kind of place where Every Being is seen as Equal.

There’s no rule that says that a Billion people should go to bed hungry – Every Night.

There’s no rule that says that because you were born in a certain place to certain parents that you deserve to live and others deserve to die.

There’s no rule that says, in order to be happy, you have to spend most of your life working so that you can survive and, where a few benefit more than the many.

There’s no rule that says the current money system is the only kind of money system that mankind can have.

All of the rules in place, right now, are there because We – All of Us – have accepted and allowed them to exist.


There is an Answer.  There is an Alternative.


It might be too late for my generation to ‘get’ this.  Most are too wrapped up in the current system to see an alternative.  It’s probably too late for my children’s generation, too.  They’re locked into the corporate survival module.  Those with kids are so busy with all their distractions, and since they “chose” to do it, it’s got to be the right way to do things…  They can’t pause for a moment to consider that these times are not that much different than, say, feudal times…  The differences between today’s work force and the serfs of old are:  we perceive that we have a choice in participating, or not, so we willingly settle in a niche;  many have access to more comfort, better hygiene, etc.;

and, technology.  The players and the circumstances have changed but, the basics are still the same – the ruling class benefits the most from the efforts of and, at the expense of, the many…


Maybe my grandkid’s generation will be the one to stand and say, in unison:  We want Do-Overs.  We no longer accept and allow this existence to continue the way it has.

Maybe theirs will be the generation that Stands up for Equality.  Where All are Equal.

Just as each of the 50 trillion cells that make up the human physical body are individual yet equal within the whole, so are we as humans – each one individual and equal – within  the whole of humanity.  All As One As Equals.


That’s the answer.  All must take a Stand for Equality.  All must stand as one vote for world equality.  All must stand for the equal treatment of all – where Every Human born on this planet is Equal to all others in the right to have a dignified life.

I am One Vote for World Equality and, an Equal Money System…


Within Equality, and an Equal Money System, Every Person will have the right to their basic needs:  food and access to clean water, shelter, clothing, education and, health care.

Within Equality and an Equal Money System, the value of Money will be based on Life.  After all, What is more valuable than Life itself?  No Thing.

Within Equality and an Equal Money System, All life will be honored.

Within Equality and an Equal Money System, Every decision will be based on “What’s Best for All”.  What’s best for All Has to be what’s best for me…


Yeah, maybe my grandkids’ generation will be the Generation that takes a stand, in unity, for what’s best for all…


A world where every person is equally responsible for the well being of this earth and our fellow humans.


Yeah, that’s the kind of world I envision for my grandchildren…


What about You?


There’s no “Rule” that says we have to wait on that generation, either, my fellow humans.


It’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2


Will YOU stand for Equality?


For All As One As Equal,


Randy Krafft

November 19, 2010



For further discussion regarding Equality and an Equal Money system, visit these sites:





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