Nonviolent Solution

This article, Changes in Gratitude: Eternal Thanks for a Nonviolent Future appeared on truthout

My response, which was blocked for some reason – it may have been too long – follows.

Thanks for this, Randall.

History has continued to repeat itself as humans have continued on this downward spiral to our extinction.  Kennedy’s words to the UN are more appropriate now than they were then but, it’s not too late.

What’s it gonna take to forge a non-violent existence for the inhabitants of this earth?

Everyone – that’s every single person- All of us – must take responsibility for things ‘being the way they are’.  We – the collective ‘we’ – no one is exempt – must realize that everything exists as it does because we have accepted and allowed it.  We’ve accepted a system of violence, and everything that entails – from war, to crime, to child abuse, to police brutality, to animal abuse, etc., as being OK.  And, we have accepted that we can’t do anything about it…  There is no ‘they’ or ‘them’ on whom to place blame.  ‘They’ are ‘Us’.  So, taking responsibility is the first step.

Within accepting responsibility for all this mess, individuals need to forgive themselves that they’ve accepted and allowed themselves to be brainwashed into ‘believing’ in the current systems that have made our world what it is today.  Government systems have become corrupt and do not serve the best interests of ‘We the people’.  The debt based money system is in shambles and teters on that abyss.  Money has become God, as it determines who will survive and who will not.  The current money system is based on greed, invented to make a select few rich at the expense of the many.  And we all have simply accepted these things as the ‘only way’…

Humans must also come to the realization that We are All Equal.  There is no ‘better than’ or ‘less than’.  Just as the 50 trillion cells of the human body are individual and unique, in their individuality, all are equal with respect to the whole, so are we humans All Equal within the collective wholeness and Oneness of mankind.

There is no person more ‘special’ than any other.  We only exist as ‘special’ in our minds, and exist as the manifestation of our opinions about ourselves.  And those opinions are the result of our (environment, families, schools, television, government, job and, life experiences) ‘programming’.  Look at how we each start out.  Just as those individual cells are all the same when formed, then according to their environment (skin, organ, etc.) become what they become, so do we all start as blank slates – all Equal.

Let us actually embrace the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, penned 13 years before Kennedy’s address.  All deserve a dignified life.

We humans can Stop this never-ending time loop, where we just keep repeating the same mistakes.  We can change our Desteni.  Realize that, at some point in the distant past, it was ALL MADE UP.  Think about that- it was all just made up.  In that process, the one’s who ‘made it up’ created the rules so that ‘they would Win’.  So, since it was all made up anyway, we can change the rules.  We can make rules where No Decision is made out of greed or self interest.  Where Every Decision is made in the interests of What’s Best For All.  We can make rules ensure that Everybody ‘wins’ – where every person is assured the basic necessities of life:  food, shelter, clothing, education and health care.

We truly can.

An Equality Based, Equal Money System is the only viable, nonviolent solution, which would be based on “an abiding respect for all life and a deep appreciation of the inherent interconnectedness ” of All Life.  History books have no label for a ‘true’, Equality Based, Equal Money System.  It’s never been done before…

It’s time to write a new history, people.  We can write a history free from our repeated mistakes and those of our forefathers.

And, I say Nay to the Nay-sayers.  No one, ever, in the history of man, has truly considered anything like an Equal Money System.  Do your research.  Your knowledge and opinions of the present system will hinder your understanding, as it requires one to have an ‘open mind’.

What it comes down to is really simple.  We’ve all heard the words or, might have even said them, without considering the Equality in:

Do/give unto others as you would have them do/give unto you.


Love your Neighbor as Your Self.


Your nonviolent solution…



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