Healthcare in an Equal Money System

Every single day, the concept of an Equal Money System is reinforced within me. I see how an EMS, providing all of the basic needs for everyone:  food, clean water, shelter, equal access to education and, healthcare, would benefit all – simply as a right, because they were born on this earth.  Everyone deserves these necessities – from birth to death.

The current money and corporate systems are fueled by corruption and greed.  Even those that may not seem to be, such as healthcare, are affected.  The purpose of a hospital, for example, is to make people well – a noble purpose.  Some hospitals, in this country are ‘for profit’ and some are ‘non-profit’.  Both types have to ‘make money’.  Their billed charges have to be constructed in such a way as to cover their expenses taking into account that the government and, insurance companies, are only going to pay a percentage of the charges billed.  So, they’re forced to create a billing structure that bills the patients more than it actually costs to provide the service.  But, they try to structure the billing to be fair to the individuals that pay their own bills.  So, there’s actually deception in billing.  The ‘for profit’ institutions have to make money to pay their stock-holders.  The ‘non-profits’, which usually have religious affiliations, need a positive bottom line to pay for new equipment, new services and, to cover the expenses of providing care to the people who can’t pay.  The ‘for-profit’ institutions simply refuse to care for those people.

Hospitals and clinics have to buy equipment and supplies in order to take care of patients.  That’s where the gouging really takes place.  The companies that sell equipment to hospitals have traditionally jacked up their prices, in order to make big profits, because for years and years hospitals would simply increase their billed charges to cover the costs of the equipment.  The same concept applies to supplies – especially drugs.  With the exception of maybe the insurance industry, there’s probably no industry filled with more corruption and greed than the pharmaceutical industry.  ‘Big Pharma’ has the governmental regulatory agencies in their hip pockets.  There’s no bigger lobbying force than theirs.  The history of these agencies is filled with questionable decisions that have gone against scientific research.  Hundreds of thousands of people have died or, had adverse reactions to drugs as a result.  These agencies have made it illegal for anyone to ‘claim’ that a natural remedy can cure disease.  That’s absolutely preposterous.  The drug industry is Not interested in ‘curing’ people – it’s interested in developing customers for life.  There’re too many examples to mention of addictive drugs, that are completely unnecessary, that have side effects that another drug must be prescribed to treat.  I could go on and on…

An Equal Money System will end all of this bullshit.  To start with, doctors would have to be re-educated.  Suppressed information regarding alternative treatments and remedies,   that actually can cure diseases like cancer, without surgery or chemotherapy, will be recognized and utilized.  A byproduct of an EMS will be the reduction of many of the diseases that are stress related, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.  When all of one’s basic survival needs have been met, and profit is no longer the driving force behind the making of products, and products are made to last and, are only made because they are ‘needed’, those who work won’t experience stress as they do now.  When every decision made is based on What’s Best for All, instead of greed and fear (for survival), processes will be streamlined to meet demand.  Scientists and inventors will actually be able to devote their research to improve the quality of life for Everyone, instead of developing a product simply to ‘make money’.

The current capitalistic money system is destined to fail.  It’s inevitable.  We MUST stand up for World Equality and an Equal Money System.  We must spread these Words…

I am One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System.


Equal Money System

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2 Responses to Healthcare in an Equal Money System

  1. Sylvia says:

    I never thought about it this way, but within an EMS stress related deseases wouldn’t exist. There is simply no purpose for those deseases.

  2. Cameron Cope says:

    cool analysis – Thanks Randy !

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