Walking through the halls at work today, I was smiling at each person that I encountered, whether I knew them or not.  I had decided to do this from now on, after watching Thomas Lagura’s vlog last night, “Seeing others as me, and doing unto them as I would have done to me“.  If they smiled back, I’d say “Hi”.  Some would say “Hi” back as the walked past.  Of those, some would be an enthusiastic response, while others would be a sheepish, almost embarrassed response.  A few people with whom I’m more acquainted I said Hi to and asked them how they were doing today.  Two of them gave the automated response “Fine.  How are you?” – to which I said “great” but, the last one came back with a response I’ve heard often, too.  She said, rather despondently:  “Oh, I’m surviving” as she shuffled by without saying another word.

Certainly, many others have heard that response before and, maybe someone who reads this has even said it.  I was in a hurry so, it wasn’t like I had the time, or even know her well enough, to question her as to what that response really meant to her.  But, I have a pretty good idea as to what she meant because, that’s really what most people are doing, anyway.  Just ‘surviving’.

At work, that can mean trying to fly under the radar.  Doing your job well but, hoping that no one starts scrutinizing your department to see if there’s the potential to save some money in your area by consolidating responsibilities and reducing staff.  That seems to be happening everywhere.  In the current economy, hardly any industry or profession is immune to this kind of scrutiny.  People are scared for their jobs – afraid of losing them, like so many others have.  Millions in this country have lost their jobs over the past couple of years.  To most people, that’s just a number “out there” until it starts happening to people you know – people that you’ve worked with.

The majority of the working class is just barely making it, anyway, living from paycheck to paycheck – barely making enough money to pay their rent and put food on the table for their family.  They borrow from Peter to pay Paul, a good percentage of the time.  Floating checks and hoping they don’t hit the bank before their payroll deposit does.  Anyone who has been in the workforce for any length of time has seen their purchasing power reduced year after year because their pay raises have not kept up with the cost of living.  Not only that, their portion of health insurance premiums and health deductibles have steadily increased.  Many saw their retirement savings reduced drastically too, a couple of years ago, due to the Wall Street fiasco, and now fear if they’ll even have enough in order to retire.

That fear of survival is close to the top of the list, if one were to name his/her fears.  But, what does that truly mean for the working class?  Fear of survival = fear of losing their job – their income.  Because they know that there aren’t that many jobs available anymore…  And, I’m just referring to the working class folks – that middle to lower-middle income bracket.  Yeah, the group where the gap between them and the top is ever-widening.  The upper middle class group has the same fears – they just have a different level of bills and debt to be concerned about.

What doesn’t come down to money ?  Seems that’s the biggest concern for just about everybody.  That small percentage that has the most – only wants more.  It really seems that they just want it all.  The working class really just class wants enough to survive comfortably.  Then, there’s those that don’t have any and simply want some.  Because, if you don’t have some, your chances of survival diminish exponentially.  It takes money to survive.  How many crimes are committed because the ‘criminals’ simply need money to survive.  How many people take to the streets selling drugs, or stealing, or prostituting themselves, simply to make money to survive?  Money has become God, determining who lives and who survives.

If we start looking at the money problem on a global scale, it’s even more disheartening.  Over a billion people go to bed hungry every night.  A child, under the age of 5, dies every 5 seconds due to hunger related causes – that’s over 17,000 every single day – 6.3 million every year.  That’s a Holocaust every single year.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t consider the Holocaust as one of the worst atrocities in the history of man but, the civilized world turns a blind eye to the one occurring every year – to children.  And the reason is:  Money.  Rather, a lack of it.  These kids are born into poverty and, they simply don’t have a chance.  Why is this not a crime?
Let’s also consider the billions of people that are ‘surviving’ on less than $2.00 a day, enduring slave-like working conditions in third world countries.  Many are making products sold in the US and Europe that used to be manufactured in those countries but, the factories were closed down and the former employees are now unemployed, because the corporations can make more profits and pay less in taxes.  It’s simple math for those in control?  They make more money and, don’t give a crap about anyone else.  They don’t care about the quality of life of the people making their products, they only care about their own money.  It doesn’t matter that slavery is worse now than at any time in the history of mankind on this planet, as long as the corporation can show a hefty profit.

What if this cycle could be changed?  What if there was a way to eliminate the fear of survival out of every human being’s life?  What if?????

Well, there is a way.  There is a way to guarantee that every person could live a dignified life.  There is a way to provide the basic necessities for ‘survival’ to every person born – where food, shelter, access to clean water, equal access to education and, equal access to quality health care, could be provided to every person on the planet.  Would it be worth it to stop the Holocaust that occurs every year?  Would it be worth it if we could eliminate 80-90 percent of all crime?

The solution is, first of all, Equality.  Where every person embraces the equality of all – that we are all the same – from the same source.  That there is no one better than, or less than, any other.  We are all born with the same blank slate but, the difference in the circumstances of our birth – the environment (family, country, culture, etc.) in which we were born – determines our fate.  By embracing the equality of all, we can change the destiny of the planet and all who live here.  It’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 and, involves following the two simple rules that Jesus gave us:  Do unto another as you would have them do unto you; and, love your neighbor as yourself.

Secondly, implement an Equality based Equal Money System, providing every person a guaranteed income specifically for covering their basic needs:  food, shelter, access to clean water, equal access to education and, equal access to quality health care.   Through the implementation of an Equality base Equal Money System, we can ensure the survival of our species.  We can ensure that no person experiences the fear of survival.

Join us for discussions about Equality at Desteni’s website and, investigate an Equal Money System at the links below.

Desteni Universe

Equal Money Website

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