Does the US Support Democracy Everywhere?

Bahrain protests

Does the US Support Democracy Everywhere?  Apparently not, if it involves the Shia Muslim population in the tiny country of Bahrain.  The US has remained relatively silent regarding the pro-democratic movement there.  While the State Department has released comments of concern over the violence by security forces, Saudi Arabia has sent tanks to the island off its east coast to support the Sunni Monarchy.  The religious differences between the Sunni and Shiite go back to the early days of Islam, and have been the root cause of many conflicts throughout the Middle East over the past 14 centuries.

The protestors claim that all they want is equal opportunity, and that this movement is non-sectarian.  Shia Muslims comprise 70% of the population in Bahrain, and they were seeking reorganization of the Parliament to gain greater representation, as well as protesting corruption within the police and security forces in the country.  Inspired by the democratic uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia the initial protests were non-violent until government forces fired teargas and rubber bullets into the crowd, injuring hundreds.  Martial law has been instituted.  Dozens of people are still missing and, it’s suspected that many of those were arrested.   Reports of police raiding all-girl schools and taking teenage girls into custody, where they have been subjected to physical and mental abuse, have recently surfaced, as well as reports of torture and abuse of some of those arrested that are awaiting trial by military courts.

The political sensitivity to more US involvement in yet another Middle Eastern country may be the reason little has been said in this country about Bahrain.  The Saudis believe that the Shiite influence of Iran would be too great a risk if the Shias gained any power.  The US has a Naval base on the island that is strategic to the area (to protect oil interests) and, the negative effect of active involvement cannot be risked.  So, it looks as though equal opportunity is not on the horizon for the majority of the citizens of Bahrain.

One has to question if humanity will ever ‘get it’.  This is simply another example of the manifestation of our acceptances and allowances.  This world is in the shape it’s in because we have collectively accepted and allowed it to get this way.  We allow greed and corruption to exist.  We have accepted and allowed money to become the ‘real’ god of this world – determining who lives and who dies.  We exist within and as our own bubble, not realizing that we all come from the same source – that we are all unique but equal.  We continue stripping this earth of her resources, believing that we ‘own’ those resources, not even considering that those resources ‘belong’ to all the inhabitants of this earth – equally.

It’s time for people to take a stand for Equality – to recognize that Equality is a Human Right – to recognize that Everyone deserves the right to live in dignity.  An Equal Money System is the only viable solution.  Take responsibility and investigate it for yourself.

I am One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System.

Equal Money Website

Desteni Universe

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