Conspiracy or Warning?


Conspiracy or Warning?

Conspiracy theorists look at the increases in tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, mudslides, and volcano eruptions in recent years and look for someone, group or thing to ‘blame’.  There has to be a reason – an explanation.  Oh, it must be global warming says one group.  No, it’s caused by the government using HAARP technology in an effort to decrease the population, say another.  Weather experts are almost dumbfounded at not only increases in the numbers/occurrences but also the severity of the tornados and hurricanes.  With the most up to date and sophisticated weather warning systems ever designed, over 500 people have been killed in almost 1250 tornados THIS YEAR in the US alone, making this the worst tornado season recorded since 1953 for the US.  And tornado season isn’t over yet.  Additionally, several states in the Midwest had record snowstorms, this year.  None of the so-called experts can put their finger on any one thing that is ‘causing’ this phenomenon, as global weather patterns change.

The aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami – and the resulting disaster at the nuclear power plant at Fukushima – cannot be fully appreciated as no one knows, or can even guess, the long term effects of the radiation cloud dispersed throughout the northern hemisphere as well as the reported radioactive contamination that reached the ocean.  Natural disasters and man-made disasters, such as last year’s BP oil spill in the gulf, striking different areas throughout the globe have crippled governments and citizens, already strapped by the failings of the current monetary system, with billions and billions of dollars in damages.  (Except in the US where they just keep printing and borrowing more money to keep the war machine churning on and supporting the criminals of Wall Street.)

Is global warming the culprit, here?  The corporate system’s debunkers have been propagandizing feverishly over the past few years convincing the sheople that there’s no such thing.  Or, the conspiracy theorists favorite, HAARP technology, is being used to cause these extreme weather events and disasters as the New World Order’s scheme for depopulation. Most of the general public continue their slave-like existence within the bondage of the debt based money system, seemingly unfazed by the impact of needless wars, loss of purchasing power and the legacy being left to future generations, existing in a daze of distractions, believing whatever the repeaters on television tell them to believe, buying the gadgets designed to keep them distracted from what is REAL, praying for a savior that will never come, abdicating their responsibility for the conditions of our current existence.

Many people even will not even consider another, very real, reason for the increase in the natural disasters we’ve been witnessing.  Maybe, just maybe, the EARTH and NATURE have had enough of our shenanigans.  Maybe our mother earth is simply fed up with our behavior and is trying to get our attention in the form of violent, destructive warnings – most probably because she feels that’s the only way we’ll take notice.   The earth has stood by and with us for millions of years, supporting the human existence – providing EVERYTHING that we’ve ever needed to survive.  And how have we responded?  We’ve raped and abused her over and over and over again.  We humans have become a thankless lot.  Oh sure, millions give lip-service to an imagined being in the sky for all of the ‘blessings’ bestowed upon them but, where has that gotten us?  Ummm, NOWHERE.  The hypocrisy of religions has contributed as much to the plundering of the earth as have the war machines of governments and the greed and corruption of capitalism.

Consider this, humans:  EVERYTHING in EXISTENCE is AWARE.  That’s right, EVERYTHING.  If it exists in the physical world, it has awareness – every atom.  Humans mistakenly believe that they are superior to every other form on earth – because of our perceived intelligence – yet, in reality, we are nothing but another form within existence – equal and one with all other forms.  Understand, people, the earth DOES NOT need us to survive but, we most certainly need her for our continued survival.   We cannot continue treating this earth like we ‘own’ it.  We don’t.  We’re merely guests – and we’ve proven ourselves to be the worst of all.  We’re unconscionable.

Have a look at what we’ve accepted and allowed.  We have wiped out thousands of species of animals and plants.  We’ve murdered millions of our brothers and sisters in wars for control of the earth’s resources.  We’ve wiped out millions and millions of acres of oxygen producing forests in the name of greed.  We allow millions of our brothers and sisters to die of starvation every year.  We continuously pump pollutants into our air and water and the ground.  We abuse and torture animals – in the name of science – due to the greed of the cosmetics industry in making beauty products to fuel our vanity.  We support paying athletes and actors millions of dollars for performing unnecessary activities while allowing slavery and child labor to be worse now than in the history of mankind, all in the name of greed.  This list could go on and on…

So, consider that the earth, in her awareness, just might be sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way we’ve been acting.  And she’s sending us these warnings so we just might pull our heads out of our asses.  It’s time for us humans to take a stand – to stand up and be a voice for equality for all life.  Keep in mind that things are the way they are simply because we have collectively accepted and allowed it to become that way.  We are all equally responsible.  It’s time for us to live in harmony with each other and nature.  It’s time we start living by the equality principle in regards to all life:  Do unto another as you would have them do unto you and, to love your neighbor (all other beings) as yourself.  It’s really that simple.

As stated earlier, this earth doesn’t need us to survive but, we humans certainly need her for our survival.  This change won’t be easy, as we have thousands upon thousands of years of brainwashing and programming to overcome.  If each individual simply starts with themselves first, and works to direct his/her own life, actually becoming a living example of the equality principle, mankind might survive.  If we don’t heed her warnings, though, our mother earth might just shake us off like water droplets coming off a wet dog, heal herself, and experience a peaceful existence without us…

Think about it…

For discussion about equality and how you can become the directive principle of your life, and assist in changing this existence for the betterment of all life, to live all as one as equals, please join us at Desteni Universe to find out how to begin the process.

Desteni I Process

Desteni Universe

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  1. What honestly encouraged u to post “Conspiracy or Warning?
    RANDY’S JOURNEY TO LIFE”? Ihonestly adored the blog post! Many thanks ,Tod

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