Desteni I Process – Personal Growth and Potential Income

Desteni I Process offers one of a kind, online Self-development and Leadership Courses.   These courses are unlike any other – designed for people that are looking for an education not available at traditional schools and universities.  Designed to teach a person to understand how and why their mind has developed the way it has – why one thinks the way they do, why they experience emotions and feelings and make decisions – and, how to align it all to take charge of their life.  With easy access to learning materials and online support, all that’s needed is a computer and internet access.  The easy to use website provides all lesson material and, a ‘buddy system’, for support – answering questions and providing guidance – is available through email or chat.  Access to the DIP forum is also available for support and sharing with others.

There is a natural progression of courses designed to take the student from understanding and breaking down their thoughts and the associated words, memories, feelings and emotions, to communicating with one’s own physical body through muscle communication training to support one in self-purification and becoming the directive principle for one’s life, and identifying, defining and breaking down the mind constructs one has allowed to dictate their life, as well as identifying one’s own inner demons (and those of others) so that one can get to a self-honest point in communication to get beyond the ultimate fear which has been the design and driving force and origin of the current human functioning as ego.  Along the way, common sense tools for practical application and self-correction methods are applied to assist the student in their development.

Desteni I Process offers the option for a person to be a client, simply focusing on the courses or, to become an active agent, who would not only participate within the courses but, would also recruit additional clients and/or agents, and earn an income based on the participation of those clients/agents.  With a unique MLM approach, where clients/agents choose their recruiter, basing that decision on their perception of the different recruiters through reading blogs and watching vlogs the recruiters share on the internet and the Desteni website, Desteni I Process limits the number of direct recruits to a maximum of ten.  Each recruiter is required to not only remain active within the course of study but, must also provide support to trainees (clients/agents) as a buddy.  Income is earned based on the payment of course fees of direct active clients/agents and downline active clients/agent.  For complete details, visit the Desteni I Process link below.

Currently, I am almost halfway through the first course, Structural Alignment One:  Introduction to Desteni.  The vast amount of information on the Desteni website and YouTube channels is organized in a course format that has proven to be quite effective and assisting.  It’s been an amazing journey, learning how to deconstruct my thoughts, identifying the memories, feelings, emotions, opinions and words associated with a thought, and how to apply specific self-forgiveness and become more self-directive in my everyday life, in aligning myself within and as the principle of equality.  Something as simple as understanding the thought of “tiredness”, which is a mind construct, and how by having the thought, then voicing that thought as my living word, had manifested tiredness within and as me, resulting in me having the experience of being tired, I have been able to overcome by applying self-forgiveness.  If/when my mind brings that thought up, I simply stop the thought and do not participate within it.  As a result, I have found that I require less sleep, and remain more alert.  And this is but one example.

The material presented through Desteni I Process is not only helping me to become a more responsible human being in this world as it currently exists but, offers solutions to the accumulated effects of the conditioning and brainwashing that I have accepted and allowed in defining who I am in my experience of this existence.  This world is in a hell-of-a-mess and, we need to develop leaders that are not limited by the restraints of the culture in traditional education.  These courses will assist in that development as we align ourselves within and as the living principle of equality.

Join us.

Desteni I Process

Desteni Universe

Equal Money Website

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