The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child

Have you ever wondered what could be the greatest gift you could ever give to your child?  Maybe you’ve asked the question a different way – using different words.  Or, maybe you made a statement about what you ‘want’ for your child in his/her life.  Maybe you’ve wondered what you can ‘do’ for your child in order to prepare them to be ‘successful’ and lead a ‘happy’ and ‘fulfilling’ life.  Some may consider a simple statement such as:  I want them to be happy and never have any regrets.  (At one time, that was my statement.)  Most will, at some point, include some kind of consideration for money, as they think about this, because, after all, you have to have money to survive… Other considerations will include education and a ‘good job’ or, a ‘rewarding’ career.  Ask any parent, of any generation, and you’ll find out that we ‘all’ have wanted basically the same things for our children.  Universally, we’ve all wanted our children to have a ’better’ life than ours.  Every generation has – throughout history.

With every parent throughout history having this desire, you’d think that mankind would have evolved into beings with seemingly a ‘higher purpose’ and, we’d be living in some sort of utopian world.  After all, we’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of years.  But, if you would take a self-honest look at what’s going on in this world, ask yourself if indeed we are better off.  Are things really all that different than they were even 1000 years ago?  Let’s not split hairs over the differences between feudalism and capitalism but, consider the parallels between the class hierarchy of lords, vassals, fiefs and serfs and present day society.  Sure, we have advanced technologically but, most of that explosion occurred in the last 100 years.  We still have leaders going to war over religious differences and fighting for control of resources.  We still have an elite class that lives in comfort while most of the population struggles to survive.  The fiefs and serfs of today have the belief that they have a ‘choice’ in what they do with their lives when, in fact, a slave’s perception of choosing the kind of work he does ‘for a living’ simply makes him more agreeable in submitting to authority.  Money has become ‘god’ in this world, determining who lives and who dies.  The current debt based money system keeps the masses enslaved to work – so they can consume.  Poverty, slavery and child labor are worse now than at any time in the history of man and, if you don’t believe that, you’ve got blinders on.

In taking this self-honest look at our current existence, with our senseless wars and abuse, where 17,000 children die EVERY DAY due to preventable, hunger related causes, where money rules and a BILLION people go to bed hungry every night, where 2 BILLION people have to eke out a living on less than $2.00 per day, you must first ask yourself if this is the kind of existence you want for your child, and your grandchild, and your great grandkids.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave for the innocents that will inherit this earth?  At what point are we going to accept responsibility for the condition this world is in?  After all, we are ALL responsible.  There is no one, no group, no thing to blame except ourselves.  This world is in the shape it’s in because we have accepted and allowed it to be this way.  We have abdicated our responsibility to LIFE – to ALL of our fellow humans – who are all our brothers and sisters, one and equal as us – as well as to nature and the plant and animal kingdoms, to ‘forces’ outside of ourselves because we believe that there’s nothing we can do about it – that we are too small and insignificant to impact the kind of change that’s required to stop the patterns of abuse as they currently exist.  For far too long, we have limited ourselves to living within our own little bubble, wrapped up in the distractions of ‘making a living’, consuming, accumulating ‘things’, while denying/ignoring reality because it makes us feel guilty if we really take that self-honest look at the global condition.  It’s simply easier to not think about that kind of ‘stuff’.  It’s easier to sit on our asses and vegetate in front of the television in a hypnotic trance watching our favorite sports/team or TV show.  It’s easier to ‘blame’ it on ‘human nature’ and submit to the idea that ‘it’s always been that way’ and, there’s nothing you can do about it.  It’s easier NOT to take responsibility… for THAT.  But, as a parent, we do have a responsibility – to our children – to do something about it.

In self-honesty, the greatest gift you can give your child is:  to become a living example of the principle of equality.  What is that?  Simply put, it’s:  Do unto all others as you would have them do unto you; and, Love your neighbor (all living beings on this earth) as yourself.  That’s the principle of equality.  That means, becoming the directive principle in your life where you always, and in all ways, consider what’s best for all.  Common sense will tell you that if it’s best for all, then it is also best for you.

Unfortunately, there’s never been any real, worthwhile training for anyone to become a parent.  The only direct training we’ve had is how our parents raised us.  So, that’s what’s been done generation after generation.  We ‘train’ our children to become us, just as we became our parents.  It’s time to break the cycle.  “If we keep on doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep on getting what we’ve always got.”  I heard this phrase at a management seminar put on by a guy by the name of Tony Brigman a long time ago, to be used in the work setting to increase productivity and employee satisfaction and that kind of crap but, it needs to be applied to parenting.  So, STOP.  Realize that your child DOES NOT ‘belong’ to you.  Don’t train your child to become your clone.  Encourage your child’s self- expression.  Encourage him to look at EVERYTHING critically and, to QUESTION EVERYTHING – yes, even you.  Never utter the phrase “because I said so” – it smacks of laziness and a lack of responsibility.  Answer every question within the equality principle , considering what’s best for all.  Realize that the current education system is designed to dumb down your child and stifle her self-expression with forced conformity (so she will become the perfect slave in the corporate world).  Don’t ever lie to your child – he knows when you’re lying.  Do not impose your beliefs upon your child – those are yours and yours alone – let him investigate everything for himself.  Don’t use the TV as a babysitter – turn the damn thing off.   Teach her to read as early as possible – she’ll learn to be independent.  As you become a living example of the principle of equality, interacting with your child one and equal as you, he’ll never consider violence or abuse as a solution for anything and, will honor and respect all life.

In order to become the living example of the principle of equality, and give this gift to your child, you’re going to have to change, aren’t you?  You have to accept responsibility for the condition of this world and take a self-honest look within yourself at everything you’ve accepted and allowed within your self-definition of you.  I only know of one place in the world where THIS kind of training is available – at Desteni.  Desteni is comprised of a group of people dedicated to bringing about world equality – for all life – presenting practical, common sense solutions that we can apply here and now, which will guarantee that all may live a dignified life, providing assistance to individuals within their Life Process of realizing and becoming who they really are within and as their living expression as All as One as Equals, promoting always, and in all ways, what’s Best For All in this existence.

Investigate for yourself:  Desteni I Process, Desteni, and the Equal Money websites at the links below, and join us on the forums for discussion and learn how you can become the directive principle in your life, assisting and taking responsibility for changing this existence for the betterment of all.

Desteni I Process

Desteni Universe

Equal Money Website

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