My Desteni Destiny

My Desteni Destiny

Hi. I’m Randy Krafft. I’m 56 years old and live outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, US. The 6th of 12 children, I was raised as a Catholic – went to Catholic grade school and high school – in what many would consider a ‘strict’ family. I did my stint as an altar boy for several years but, by the time I was in 8th grade, I was beginning to question Catholicism. We had spent half the school-year studying the bible and, that really opened my eyes to God’s cruelty in the stories of the Old Testament, where it documents the killing and destroying of over two and a quarter million people by the hand of, or the direction of, God. Seemed contradictory, to me… Also, having studied the crusades and a little on the Inquisition, I realized that millions more had been killed because of their religious beliefs. I also couldn’t imagine how an all-powerful and all-loving and merciful God, could create a place like Hell, where He would punish people for eternity. That just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I still believed in God – as creator – and in “heaven” but, I didn’t believe everything really “worked” like I was being taught.

I basically went through the motions to satisfy family and school requirements – going to church every Sunday and taking the required Theology classes in high school. I took a comparative religions class in college and started learning more about other religions but, never really got into any “organized” religion after I moved out of my parent’s house. I also didn’t impose any religious beliefs on my children – I figured they could figure it out for themselves when they got old enough to make up their own minds as to what they wanted to believe or not to believe. I simply wanted them to be honest, treat people right and, do the ‘right things’.

I got caught up in the “American Dream” I had been taught all of my life – that you could be anything you wanted to be. I thought I’d “work my way to the top”, just like many who enter the workforce, and worked my way into management, only to figure out after several years that I’d have to compromise my principles to get to the top. I also decided that being around to watch my kids grow up was more important than advancing my ‘career’. I changed jobs, thinking the corporate culture of another company might be different, but figured out I didn’t’ want to participate in the politics of advancement. So, I decided to stay out of the politics of ‘upper management’ and, have had a couple of mid-level management positions in almost 30 years with my current employer, ‘working for a living’.

Raising kids and working kept me distracted for a long time. With kids participating in different activities from baseball to ballet, there was always ‘stuff’ going on. My family and my job was my life. I didn’t slow down long enough to question what I heard on the news or read in the newspapers. It wasn’t until 9/11 and its aftermath, and my mother-in-law’s death a couple of months later, that I finally took a good hard look at the world around me. By this time, our youngest was in middle school so, I wasn’t quite as ‘busy’. We also got access to the internet about that time so, I had access to a whole new world of information, instead of the incessant propaganda of mainstream media. So, in addition to my disillusionment with religion, I became disillusioned with government, politics, and the media – basically the whole makeup of society in the ‘civilized’ world.

There always seemed to be this underlying question within me, though, of “is this all there is?” And, even though I didn’t think that organized religions had the answers, I wondered if there was “Something more”. I wanted to believe in God. I wanted to be more “spiritual”. Cathy and I had talked about the religious influence of our upbringing a few times and, we began a “journey”, so to speak, trying to make sense of it all. So, along with investigating conspiracy theories, we bought and read the Conversations with God books, listened to Deepak Chopra, got into Ramtha, the Secret, quantum physics, etc. I read the Kryon channelings, investigated the Galactic Federation of Light, UFOs, Astral Theology, etc. Searching, but not finding any answers.

Then, on Thanksgiving night, 2007, I was up late watching some David Icke videos about his reptilian theories, on YouTube, and noticed another video with ‘reptilians’ in the title and clicked on it. Here was this young girl, who said, “Hi, this is Jack, again” who started telling this amazing “story”. I listened to another, then another, then another… To say I was intrigued is an understatement. I was floored. These ‘beings’ were talking through this girl. No one could make this shit up. I don’t know how many videos I watched that night – 6, 7 maybe. I couldn’t wait to show this to Cathy the next morning. And so my journey with Desteni began. I watched a lot of videos, went to the Desteni website and read a lot of articles and posts on the forum, then joined the forum December 23rd, 2007.

The portal interviews were unbelievable but, it was the ‘message’ of Equality – of All as One as Equal – that I kept reading and hearing over and over, with a sincerity and truth that I had never heard in my life from any “religious” teaching, that “sold” me on Desteni. Here was this group of people who talked about things like self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-responsibility, self-corrective application and equality that actually practiced what they preached (for lack of a better word). This group was providing assistance and support for ANYONE that wanted it – for free. This handful of people had a message to share, and they were sharing it with all, for the betterment of humanity. And, I could see how the principle of equality could change the course of human history. I had already determined that humanity hadn’t ‘really’ evolved in the past 10,000 years – other than technologically. In this “civilized” world, where almost a billion people go to bed hungry EVERY night, where a child under the age of 5 dies every 5 seconds due to hunger related (preventable) causes, Desteni is the ONLY group that offers a common sense, non-violent solution, to ALL of the world’s problems. Additionally, the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, and self-corrective application, have assisted me in deconstructing the definition of my self that I had created for my self which has assisted me to see this world, and myself within it, in a whole new light – freeing myself of the self-imposed bondage of my pre-programming.

The only message I ever “got” out of the Bible was the “Golden Rule” which is attributed to Jesus but, was also embraced by many others who, like Jesus, weren’t listened to… And that is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; and, love your neighbor as yourself. That IS the message of equality. That is the Desteni message. That is the principle by which all of us SHOULD live. It’s so simple yet, has never been truly lived by us humans. We have to realize that we are all from the same source. We are all the same. There is no one person or thing that is better than, or less than, any other, in all of Life. What most don’t realize is, there is nothing in our existence that isn’t ‘aware’. The 50 trillion cells that make up each of our human physical bodies are unique, individual and, aware. Yet, they work together in synchronicity to keep our body growing and functioning, each both equally responsible, yet dependent on the rest, for the well-being of the whole. And that’s how we humans should/could exist with each other. That’s equality.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the violence, abuse, greed and corruption in this world of ours. It exists because we all have collectively accepted and allowed it to exist – and persist. The major contributor to these ‘problems’, is the current money system, which is wrought with greed and corruption. The rules of the system cater to an elite group while billions suffer. This has to change in order for us to progress, as humanity. When Desteni first started talking about an Equal Money System, I admit I didn’t understand it. But, then I realized that I was looking at it from the perspective of what I have always known. I had to consider getting out of that box I was all-too-familiar with, and opening the door for a new concept that, not only I had never considered but, NO ONE had ever considered – except Desteni.

Within an equality based Equal Money System, All will be guaranteed a dignified life, from birth until death. By basing the value of money on Life, we can change this world we live in. The basic necessities will be provided for everyone on the planet: food, shelter, clothing, access to clean water, equal access to healthcare and, equal access to education. Within an Equal Money System, no one will ever have to ‘worry’ about their basic survival needs being met. No more will any woman have to prostitute herself so that she can feed her family. No one will ever have to steal so their family can eat, or maintain a roof over their head. No more will we have someone making millions while others work in slave-like conditions. We have the opportunity to change the destiny of future generations – to leave the legacy of equality for future generations. We have to realize that, all we have to do is change the rules to the game everyone is playing but, very few ever ‘win’. Equality is a win – win solution. We have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to implement a system where NO decision is ever made based on self-interest and/or greed but, only takes into consideration of What’s Best for All. And, I know, that if it’s Best for All, then common sense says that it’s Best for Me, too.

It’s time for humanity to take a stand – for Equality and an Equal Money System. It’s time for humanity to actually LIVE the ‘Golden Rule’. We CAN experience Heaven on Earth – where all live in harmony with each other and with nature – where the focus of our lives won’t be limited to what we have to do to survive but, will be how we express ourselves one and equal with all others.

I stand with Desteni.

Today, Desteni launched a new forum, Introduction to Desteni Forum, where ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to participate, ask questions, and/or debate any and all issues.  Join us to explore a new view of yourself and this world we share.

Desteni I Process

Desteni Universe

Equal Money Website

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3 Responses to My Desteni Destiny

  1. I’m with Desteni too, no matter what. They are giving the world that kind of support, I will give it back to them.

  2. juneroca says:

    This is really cool, thanks Randy, ” What most don’t realize is, there is nothing in our existence that isn’t ‘aware’. The 50 trillion cells that make up each of our human physical bodies are unique, individual and, aware. Yet, they work together in synchronicity to keep our body growing and functioning, each both equally responsible, yet dependent on the rest, for the well-being of the whole. And that’s how we humans should/could exist with each other. That’s equality.”

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