Equal Money = Best for All

Equal Money = Best for All

When I first heard mention of an Equal Money System, I had no clue whatsoever as to what that meant.  The only money system I’ve ever participated in is Capitalism.  And, I’d been programmed since I was very young about the ‘American Dream’, with its so called limitless possibilities and opportunities for anyone who worked hard and did the right things.  I was convinced that our system – the free enterprise system within capitalism – was the greatest in the world. Like many, I had learned about Communism, Socialism, and Fascism, among others, through the skewed perspective of history books, in school.  So, when this concept of an Equal Money System was presented, I had difficulty grasping even the basics of how it could possibly work, and realized that I had a limited understanding of how the current money system works.  I’d been working regular jobs since I was 11 years old but, couldn’t tell you how the ‘system’ functions.

Fortunately, I had been questioning all of my beliefs – everything that I had ever learned.  So, it was time I started questioning the money system and, I set myself on course to understand how our current system works.  What an eye-opener that process became.  I spent months investigating how the current money system works – researching the banking system, the Federal Reserve, the gold standard, the distribution of wealth, how and why we have ‘inflation’, the government’s role within the money system, etc.  The greed and corruption of those in ‘control’ of the money system became even more clear, after the crash and bailouts a couple of years ago when, like many, I saw my 401(k) retirement savings plummet to just over half its previous value.  I was able to accept my responsibility for my contribution to the condition of the current system, though, because I know that it got to be the way that it is because we have all accepted and allowed it.

After studying our current money system, I became more and more intrigued by the concept of an Equal Money System.  And, even though I don’t understand ‘everything’ about how it will be administered, the guiding principles of Equality and doing/supporting “What’s Best for All”, have made it easy for me to embrace as THE solution for the world’s problems.  Where the current system has not only perpetuated, but guaranteed, poverty and slavery, the Equal Money System will provide for ALL to live a dignified life.  All will be guaranteed the basic necessities of:  food, shelter, access to clean drinking water, equal access to education and, equal access to healthcare.  The value of money is to be based on Life, instead of some scarce mineral, where all Life is valued equally.

Beyond the immediate benefits, of no person ever having to fear for their survival, or compromising one’s self in order to survive, it’s the ‘potential’ benefits that I see being realized in the years after its implementation.  There’s so many people in this world who have never had the opportunity to truly express themselves or pursue their true interests, that I see a virtual explosion in education occurring.  Where the current system has always catered to the elite, Equal Education will allow people to ‘do’ things never before possible.  There won’t be enough universities in the world to handle the onslaught of people eager to learn about that which they are passionate.  We’ll have more people wanting to be scientists, for example, to develop real solutions to the world’s problems in the context of doing what’s “Best for All”, because they won’t have their options limited due to lack of money.

Within a world-wide, Equality based, Equal Money System, eventually there won’t be any borders limiting individuals’ ability to travel between what we currently recognize as ‘countries’.  A person could earn work credits to travel to distant lands without having to worry about ‘money’ for food and shelter, for example, because that will be guaranteed no matter where one will go.  People will be eager to learn, eager to participate, eager to provide assistance to their fellow beings, when needed.  With only being ‘required’ to work – to contribute to the whole – for maybe 4-6 years, people will be free to do whatever they want to do, within the context of the Equality principle.

The implementation of an Equal Money System will be the first step for mankind to truly evolve, and move toward living in a utopian world that literally can be, Heaven on Earth – where No decision is EVER made out of self-interest or greed but, ONLY considers what’s Best for All.  Common sense tells us that:  If it’s Best for All, it must also be Best for Me, as well.

Investigate an Equal Money System.  Put away your preconceived notions about money and economics and open yourself up to the possibilities that an Equal Money System presents for All.  If you, too, are ready to support what’s Best for All, let your voice be heard – join the Equal Money website and forum for discussions, at the link below.

Equal Money Website

Desteni Universe

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