When the topic of ‘Equality’ has come up in some of my conversations, I’ve noticed this quizzical look on people’s faces, followed by them saying “Equality?” questioningly.  Is it ‘really’ that hard to understand what it means?  Has this word become so foreign for us to use, or consider, that it causes discomfort?  Sadly, many don’t know what “Equality” is, in fact..  Oh, we might know the ‘definition’, which is:  the quality, or state of being equal.  And, many might remember that line in the US’ Declaration of Independence where it reads:  ”…that all me are created equal…”  But, the significance in a worldy view simply isn’t totally grasped.

When using ‘equality’ in the phrase:  “Equality for All Life”, I’ve seen that same, questioning look followed by:  “You mean, ‘Everything’?  Even bugs, or bacteria?”  Yep, ‘everything’…   (I’ve had many conversations either end quickly at this point or, the other person wanted to change the subject.  See, if one ‘avoids’ talking about it, it doesn’t have to be acknowledged.  Why is that?)

We truly have to understand that ‘Everything’ is aware.  Every single being/life form is as aware of its existence just as much as you and I are.  Every atom is aware – everywhere.   Equality also means:  sameness.  From the perspective that we ‘all come from the same source’- each one equal and one within and as  the whole – making us intrinsically the same…  No one form being more than, or less than, any other.  Accepting ‘all that’ is the first step to ‘understanding’ what ‘Equality’ really means.  Even then, it only exists as knowledge and information.  “Living” it, is another story

In the process of self-honestly looking within my self, forgiving myself and, taking responsibility for my acceptances and allowances within the constructing of existence as it is now within our reality, I have learned to ‘look’ at others from a different perspective.  No matter my ‘differences’ with another, or another’s  ‘differences’ with me, I understand that what we fear in another, is what we fear within and as our self.  And, it’s easy for one to get caught up in justifying or defending their current beliefs and opinions.  So, I have learned to see myself within them – to see ‘me’ in their words – to see ‘me’ in their actions.

Since I began participating with Desteni, and supporting the Equality Principle of ‘All as One as Equal”, I have encountered individuals – mainly through the internet – who ‘energetically react’ to my support – as well as others within the group – of the Desteni message.  I have grown more ‘tolerant’ of that opposition, because I realize that they simply aren’t ready to ‘hear’ the message of Equality, yet.  I’m seeing myself within those reactions.  I know, that if I had come across the Desteni message at a different time in my life, I wouldn’t have been ready to hear the message either, simply because it differed from my programmed ‘beliefs’ at the time.  It’s taken me a while to face and walk through beliefs that were programmed within me through my DNA, as well as my cultural, educational and religious upbringing.  The timing was right when I did hear the message, because I didn’t fear it – I was ‘ready’ to actually ‘hear’ the message.  So, I can’t condemn anyone on the basis of their not understanding the simple message of Equality.

The message of Equality is simple though, as simple as: 1 + 1 = 2.  Within the message of Jesus it’s expressed perfectly:  Do unto another as you would have them do unto you; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.  Learning to live these statements in my daily life is not easy.  I have well over 50 years of programming to walk through, where I learned to judge others based on all kinds of meaningless ‘standards’ – from the polarity of beauty or, religious or moral beliefs, or appearance, or language, or heritage.  Senselessly categorizing and comparing in my mind, identifying ‘differences’, failing to focus on our sameness.

Standing up for Equality is the only thing that actually makes sense, anymore.  Recognizing the importance of the message of Equality and sharing that message with others is truly the only worthwhile pursuit – given the conditions of our world today.  Standing up and recognizing the dignity and worth of every being as one and equal, and essential to the whole, is required – for All of us – if mankind is to survive on this earth, without having to start again.  For all to live in Equality, we must overcome our egos – where we exist in self-interest – and support the Equality and Oneness of the collective whole, and strive to support what’s Best for All – in All ways – always.

The tools and support available through Desteni have assisted me in realizing that Equality is the ONLY solution.  Through participation within the Desteni I Process, I have found tremendous assistance within the course in which I am participating, in realizing how my thoughts and beliefs were programmed within who I had defined myself to be and, how my thoughts, feelings and emotions are/were formed, and how to face them through writing and self-forgiveness.

If you’re ready to explore your self, join us at the new Introduction to Desteni Forum for discussion about Equality, or anything else, for that matter.

Take a stand – for a better future for this world – for All as One as Equal.  Assist by becoming the change you want to see in this world until All Live the Equality Principle.

Desteni I Process

Equal Money Website

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