The Road Less Traveled

Have you ever noticed that when you go on a trip to a place you’ve never been, that the trip ‘to’ where you‘re ‘going’ seems to take longer than the trip home?  And, once you’ve traveled that road a few times, and it becomes more and more familiar, it actually seems to get ‘shorter’.

Time has a way of ‘slowing down’ that first time.  You have to be more attentive to the directions.  Everything along the way is new and different.  You don’t know what’s around the next curve in the road.  You direct yourself to ‘pay attention’ to landmarks.  That first time, the entire trip is a discovery, of sorts.  It’s all new – nothing stored within our memory banks for our mind to reference.

After repeated trips to the same destination, time ’speeds up’, in a way.  We can almost put ourselves on auto-pilot – nothing new here – going through the motions – re-living accumulated past experiences without having to direct ourselves through it because we ‘know’ the end result.  It’s familiar, so it doesn’t seem to take as long.  Time actually seems to have ‘sped up’ as a result of that familiarity, because the mind has taken over the experience as a repetition of previous memories.

The same thing happens with our other experiences.  Within all of our first time experiences, when we’re more deliberate and intent, directing our participation within the experience, time slows down.  Then, each experience becomes a memory, which is filed away in our mind, along with any feelings and emotions which we connected to the memory.  That great filing system of the mind accumulates all of the similar memories, with the related feelings and emotions attached, along with any opinion formed, and edits and summarizes the results within our definition of ourselves as who we are.  Presented with any situation, our mind then retrieves the stored data and presents it to us in the form of thoughts.  When we participate within these thoughts, time speeds up again – it’s familiar territory, in our mind.

Many people experience what’s called ‘déjà vu’, which is:  the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.  I’ve had that experience before – where it seemed like I had experienced something previously that was happening at that moment.  It was weird.  But, I have realized that when I experienced déjà vu, it was because the current experience so closely resembled stored memories that it seemed as though I was doing something I had done before.  This happens because we get locked into behavior patterns.  We repeat patterns throughout our lives.  Our relationships seem to repeat over and over – different person – same, or very similar, results.  We have ‘routines’ that we repeat over and over and over, until it becomes a blur, hardly being able to differentiate one day from the next.  And, in retrospect, it’ll seem like time has flown by – it ‘sped up’ on us.

The problem is:  that we ‘spend’ our time (re)living the past and, live out our future based on those past experiences, projecting ourselves into the future – in our mind – according to opinions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, retrieved from previously lived experiences in our memory.  It’s so easy to get lost in thought – daydreaming or, thinking about things we ‘need’ to do.  We get caught up in could’ve /  should’ve / would’ve, and time speeds up on us as we’re existing in our minds.

We only have this one time, here on earth, and you can choose to get lost in participating in your thoughts, or repeating behavior patterns over and over or, you can choose to take that road less traveled ‘all of the time’- where time slows down.  The only ‘time’ that is truly relevant is this present moment, Here, with each breath.  Every moment is a new moment to be experienced and, we can choose to carry baggage from previous moments with us into it – or not.  It’s that trip we’ve never been on before – an experience not yet lived…

Live Here, breath by breath.  To find out How, join us at Desteni Universe.

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  1. Really cool blog Mr. Kraft

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