Hurrying in the Quest to Survive

I have a fairly long drive to work every day, allowing myself about an hour, with traffic, to get there.  Daily, I notice how there are so many people in a hurry.  Some speed past me – while I’m going the speed limit – weaving from one lane to the other between cars.  And, in the fast lane, some will get dangerously close to the car in front of them if it isn’t going 5 – 10 mph over the limit, until the driver changes lanes.  Tuning the radio to listen for traffic reports for the drive in, there are reports of accidents on the highways almost daily.  Can people just not allow themselves enough time to get to where they’re going?  Do they forget, daily, how long it takes to get there?  Can they not allow enough time so they can simply enjoy their drive?  Or, are they just so excited about their jobs that they just can’t wait to get there?  Are they compelled to endanger themselves and others just because they can’t wait to get back into the corporate matrix?

The reality is that most of these people are just on their way to work.  They’ve got to get to their jobs and, maybe something happened that prevented them from leaving on time and, they can’t be late, or that would jeopardize the job that their family is dependent upon for survival.  From my own experience, I know that most of these people aren’t ‘here’ in the present moment while they’re driving.  They’re somewhere else – distracted – in their minds – possibly already at work participating in future projections about their day – wondering how they’re going to explain their tardiness to their boss or, “thinking’ about conversations, or confrontations, they ‘might’ have or, wondering what the workload is going to be like.  Or, they’re back at home, in their minds, thinking or worrying about this or that – their spouse, child, pet, the bills waiting to be paid, etc.  That’s what our mind will do to us.  It will keep bringing up thoughts for us to grab onto to take us ‘somewhere’ else.  It’s not easy to stay ‘here’, in the present moment all of the time.  And the struggle for survival makes it all the more difficult.

As I observe all these people in a hurry, the questions now become:  What can be done to reduce the perceived pressure that so many are affected by in their struggle to make ends meet?  How can we, as humanity, reduce the stress-load that the masses are forced to exist within?  Common sense tells me that the solution is to remove the pressure, that almost everyone is under, to earn money.  If everyone ‘knew’ that their basic needs would be met – that they automatically had enough money to provide for their food, shelter, education, and health care, and that whatever work they were on their way to do was established to contribute to the betterment of all, and that they had chosen their responsibility in accordance with their interests and talent, they would be passionate about doing that kind of work, rather than having compromised their interests based on how much money they could earn so they could satisfy their basic needs – which many have had to do in the current system.  This can be accomplished within an Equal Money System.  The nature of jobs and work will change.  No more will people have to struggle to survive.  People will be able to enjoy their drive to work – without the worries that currently distract them…

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