“When One Door…Closes, Another Opens…”

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”   Helen Keller

This quote, attributed to Helen Keller, has been repeated over and over through the years.  When I’ve heard reference to this quote, frequently it’s been a ‘shortened version:  “when one door closes, another has been opened for us” or, something along those lines…  It’s oft repeated as a way of ‘thinking positive’ – to ‘look on the bright side’ or, ‘to find the silver lining…’ when something we interpret as bad, or negative, ‘happens’ to us.  Obviously, these ‘doors’ exist metaphorically.    

Most instances that I’ve heard these lines have come after someone has lost a job or, didn’t get a promotion they were hoping to get.  And, since most of us exist in survival mode, and our dependency on money determines almost everything in our lives – from where we live and the clothes we wear, to what we eat, who we associate ourselves with, what kind of entertainment we participate in, and  – this quote has meant to inspire the person to go out and look for, and find, another job, so they can continue living the lifestyle they have become accustomed to or, to improve upon it.  After all, we must have a way to earn money – so we can spend it –         

And, while this phrase does point out how people actually live in their past – “…often we look so long at the closed door…” – where we get caught up in ‘thinking’ about events or, experiences, and re-live them in our minds, it also encourages one to continue to exist within their mind.  In the mind – where all of our life’s experiences have been stored – along with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we attached to each experience.  In the mind – where all of our opinions exist – where our self-definition as ego exists – where our idea of “happiness” exists.  But, none of these are real – they only exist within one’s mind.  We fool ourselves into believing they’re real but, they can’t actually be seen or touched – they’re all just made up in our minds…  We try to make them real – bringing them to life in our minds – finding justification and/or blame to explain why “one door of happiness” closed then, in searching for, and trying to decipher, where another door might open – trying to ‘think positive’ – using the mind as ego support as we project ourselves into the future, and participate in playing out different scenarios or possibilities.

Best to realize that participation in all of these thoughts – from perceived happiness to future projections – are simply distracting us from what is Here – from what is Real – and that the perception of a “door of happiness” closing, is nothing more than the manifested consequences of what we have accepted and allowed in our world.  Directing self in every moment – being the directive principle in our life – is the key.  Becoming self-honest with our self, then doing self-forgiveness for our acceptances and allowances and, taking self-corrective action will free us from the prison of the mind – where we participate in thoughts, feelings and emotions.  To find out how, join us on the forums at the links below.

Desteni Universe

Equal Money Website

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2 Responses to “When One Door…Closes, Another Opens…”

  1. sandyjones says:

    Yes, even if you have enough to ‘get by’ I know I would grab at any ‘idea’ to fantasize and escape reality-if only for a few moments-or get wasted (alcohol) and escape for a whole evening! Time to get our heads ‘out of the clouds’ and face what we have created. Thanks for this perspective Randy.

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