What will the Justice System look like in an Equal Money System?

When one mentions the “Justice System”, most immediately think of “criminals”.  We have this pre-conditioned association where often we refer to the Justice System as the “Criminal Justice System”.  This conditioning associates the Justice System’s role as one of doling out punishment to those who break the laws with malicious intent, the criminals, based on the interpretation of those laws by lawyers and judges, who are themselves lawyers.  In addition to criminal cases, though, the justice system also includes civil cases, which are normally disputes between two parties wherein financial compensation is sought.

Almost daily, more laws are enacted.  And, along with the increasing numbers of laws, an increasing number of crimes are committed.  The problem with many laws, now-a-days, is that their intent is to exert more and more control over the masses or, are placed to protect the special interests of those in power – those with money.  And, while the intent of the justice system was to be the guardian of the civil liberties of citizens, it has itself become a victim of the capitalist system, where those with the most money can buy the best lawyer – or teams of lawyers – to influence the outcome of a trial, while those with little, or no, money, may be poorly represented.   In some countries, corruption within their Justice System has become the norm, where money simply buys verdicts.

Within the Equal Money System, we will see drastic changes in the Justice System.  First of all, we’ll see a reduction in the number of laws, as every law enacted must pass the “What’s Best for All” test.  No more will any law be enacted that will benefit the interest(s) of one person, or group, over another.  Decision making will be done by everyone – one man = one vote – where each citizen actually has a voice.  If any person can show where a law does not meet the “What’s Best for All” test, it cannot be enacted.  Secondly, we’ll see a reduction in the number of crimes.  Many crimes in today’s society are actually a result of the current monetary system.  The Equal Money System will remove the fear of survival.  Once every person’s basic needs are met from birth ‘til death, where each individual knows that he will never have to worry about food, shelter, education, healthcare, or retirement, crimes derived from that fear for survival will cease to exist.  There simply won’t be a reason for one to commit them.

So, the Justice System will change.  There won’t be as many laws.  There won’t be as much crime.  There won’t be a need for as many lawyers.  And, the lawyers we do have will be dedicated to the principle of “What’s Best for All”, in all ways, all of the time.

Investigate the Equal Money System and join us for discussion on the forum @ equalmoney.org and @wiki.destonian.com.





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