Massive Change Required – Outside and Inside

Inevitably, when I’ve been involved in a discussion about the Equal Money System (with someone who is not familiar with it) as the non-violent solution to the major problems existing in this world, there seems to be a “disconnection” between what’s going on in this world “outside” of us and, what’s going on “inside” of our minds.  Many can see the need for change “outside”, as poverty, starvation, war, greed, corruption, abuse, crime, slavery, pollution, and environmental damage, among other atrocities, are easily seen as major problems facing this world.  And, the Equal Money System can, and will, address all of these issues with solutions that are Best for All.  But, very few people see themselves as having any responsibility as participants within the “system”.

It’s easy to place blame.  We can blame politicians.  We can blame Wall Street and the corruption rampant there.  We can blame the banks.  We can blame the military industrial complex.  We can blame government.  We can blame the education system.  We can blame capitalism, which is based on profit and greed.  All anyone has to do is pay attention to see that mankind is stripping the earth of its resources and is doing very little to protect the environment.  All of these areas of the “system” are in dire need of the massive change.  But, blaming places responsibility outside of ourselves – basically saying, it’s someone else’s fault.

The key to the success of the Equal Money System isn’t the solutions offered to solve the many problems facing this world, though.  It’s the massive change “inside” each of us that is required. Every individual must not only recognize that we are all one and equal but, must also realize that we are all equally responsible for the all of the atrocities existent in this world, because we have collectively accepted and allowed them to exist, through our indifference toward our world, our surroundings and, our fellow beings, self-absorbed in our own little bubbles as if our actions, or lack thereof, have no bearing on the “outside” world, not realizing that the “outside” world is nothing but a reflection of what’s on the “inside” of us.  As within, so without…  As above, so below…

It all starts with self – taking a self-honest look at our acceptances and allowances, and realizing that who we have defined ourselves to be is nothing but the manifestation of our own opinion of ourselves.  Everyone has always wants to believe they are “special” but, we have to realize that there is no one better than, or less than, any other.  This perceived “specialness” is what we each need to overcome.  Through self-honest introspection, we each must accept self-responsibility for everything we’ve accepted and allowed in creating this “special” image of ourselves, that has separated us from the rest of humanity.  The next step is self-forgiveness, where we forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing ourselves, specifically, for our participation in thoughts, feelings and emotions, in creating our self-definition of who we are as separate from life, instead of one and equal with all of life.  THIS, is massive change for the “inside”…

I can’t imagine anyone that won’t need assistance in their process of personal change.  I know that I am grateful for the support and assistance available through Desteni, with the tools available that have assisted me in this process of changing self.  And, it’s available to/for anyone/everyone – free of charge.  All you have to do is decide that you are ready to face your true self as one and equal to all life.

So, join us at Equal Money, to discuss how to bring about solutions that are Best for All and, at Desteni to discuss and learn how to change self.  And, if you dare, prepare to become part of the leading group that will be directing change in this world in the years to come.

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