“You live in a world of magnificent abundance…”

“You live in a world of magnificent abundance, there is enough for everyone. It is in sharing the most that the most is received.”   Neale Donald Walsch

I received a message on Twitter, today, from a person that was among 76 that had re-tweeted this quote from Neale Donald Walsch.  On the surface, this quote rings true.  This IS a world of magnificent abundance.  There IS enough for EVERYONE.  And, if we subscribe to the words of Jesus to “do unto another as you would have them do unto you”, then the second part of this quote would also be true – “It is in sharing the most that the most is received.”

The problem is that we live in a system that’s fueled by greed and self-interest.  Even though there is enough for everyone in this world of abundance, 17,000 children under the age of 5 die EVERY DAY due to hunger related causes – that’s over 6 million per year – a Holocaust every year.  One Billion people go to bed hungry EVERY night.  Two billion people are trying to scratch out a living on less than $2 a day.  Tens of thousands of innocent people are the victims of senseless wars being fought for control of the earth’s resources.  (Anyone who actually believes that these wars are being waged to protect human rights can go back to sleep – the brainwashing has been complete.)

Neale, with whom are you referring that everything be shared?  Are you referring to sharing with the billion people that are on the brink of starvation?  Do you offer a solution to how we can all live together in harmony?  Or, is it enough to simply imply that we should be grateful for what we have, while ignoring the plight of so many of our fellow earthlings?   There’s no shortage of ‘spiritual’ people who make comments like this.  But, that’s all they’ve got.  They don’t offer any solution to solve the world’s problems.  They prefer to leave that in “God’s” hands.  It’s the most basic of the brainwashing.  It maintains the status quo.

Isn’t it about time to STOP the madness?  Isn’t it about time to truly share the magnificent abundance of this world amongst ALL of its inhabitants?  There IS a SOLUTION!  There IS a group of people that are designing a system that will GUARANTEE that ALL can live a dignified life – where every person will be guaranteed the basic necessities of life, from birth ‘til death:  food, shelter, access to clean water, equal access to education and, equal access to health care.   It’s called the Equal Money System.  And, it’s the ONLY non-violent solution to end the world’s woes.  This is a grass-roots effort to recognize the dignity and worth of every being, based on the principle of Equality – where EVERY decision must support What’s Best for All.  Join us at Equal Money, to discuss how to bring about solutions that are Best for All, where Every person will have a voice and, everyone’s vote will count.  Also, check out the new Equal Money book:  Equal Money – Future of Money – Volume 1 at the Equal Life Store, the first of many books to come explaining the Equal Money System.

To learn more about Equality and to discuss and learn how to change self, visit Desteni.   And, if you dare, prepare to become part of the leadership in the group that will be directing change in this world in the years to come.

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4 Responses to “You live in a world of magnificent abundance…”

  1. no wonder the world is like this

  2. Really informative article post. Will read on…

  3. Puppy says:

    gotta eat your wheaties!

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