2012: Keeping It Up

I just paused for a moment before beginning to type, and it occurred to me that someone might click on this title thinking this is gonna be about something totally different than my purpose.  Well, if anyone does, stick around…

I addressed how I was able to ‘hear’ the Desteni message.  This is why I’ve continued to listen, support, and participate with Desteni for over 4 years – why I’m keeping it up.

It didn’t take long for me to embrace the message of Oneness and Equality – which ‘is’ the Desteni message.  This certainly wasn’t the first time I’d heard, or read, these words but, for the very first time, here was group of people committed and determined to Live these words and bring about a change in this world that will actually bring these words to Life – where All Life will live as All, as One, as Equals.  The message is for each of us to realize, for ourselves, who we ‘really’ are – that the being inside each of us that is the life force of our human physical bodies is NOT the ego we’ve created and defined ourselves as.  And Desteni offers the tools, support and assistance – absolutely free – to anyone and everyone who is willing to take responsibility for their self, and make a commitment to no-one, other than their self, in discovering their true inner self through facing self in self-honesty.

The core of the Desteni message, the message of Oneness and Equality, is to actually live by the Principal of Equality within the words Jesus gave us:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  No, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard these words either.  Growing up as a Catholic, going to Catholic church and schools, I’d heard these phrases innumerable times.  Unfortunately, this message was just glossed over.  No one else EVER saw these seemingly simple phrases as THE solution that could end All of the inequities and atrocities existent in this world of ours, until Desteni.  Where, when All can actually LIVE the words of these phrases, every being on the planet can live a life of dignity, equal and one with all life.

We can actually create Heaven on Earth, one day, where future generations won’t be subjected to the atrocities existent today, for which we are All responsible.  Each of us must take responsibility for everything we’ve accepted and allowed to exist in this creation of ours.  Yes, all of it.  Every 5 seconds, when a child under the age of 5 dies of a hunger related cause, in a world of 7 billion that generates enough food to feed 12 billion, each and every one of us is responsible for that death.  Every time a soldier or a civilian dies in a war, each of us is responsible.  We are responsible because we Accept it.  We Accept it because: “it’s always been that way”.  We accept and allow it because:  “that’s just the way it is”.  And we at Desteni say:  That’s BULLSHIT.  That’s right, BULLSHIT.   It doesn’t have to be this way.

Desteni has proposed an Equal Money System (EMS) that, when implemented, will guarantee that all can live a dignified life.  Based on those words of Jesus, the Principle of Equality, the EMS is the only viable solution for humanity to survive on this planet.  I urge anyone and everyone who hasn’t heard of it, or investigated it, to do so.  Initial investigation requires one to be open to new ideas, as the EMS conforms to only one standard/principle – and that is:  What’s Best for All.  Self-interest and greed cannot, and will not, exist within the EMS.  Every decision made will be based solely on this principle.

In taking responsibility for self, through facing self in self-honesty, we’re each alone in our process of self-discovery.  We are All One, though, and the entire Desteni group stands in support of every individual, as everyone in the group is in different stages of this process.   And the group continues to grow, as more and more people are seeing that the Principle of Equality is simply Common Sense.  Many of us are participating in courses offered through Desteni I Process, which assist us to identify how we’ve programmed our minds in defining ourselves, and peel away the layers of that programming in this journey of self-discovery.  The coolest thing about it is, there’s no one participating with Desteni that puts self-interest above the group – that group being humanity – in creating a world that’s Best for All.  That’s why I’ll continue to listen and hear the Desteni message.  That’s why I’ll continue to support and participate.  That’s why I’m Keeping it Up.

Join us for discussions about Equality and changing self on the Forum at Desteni.org and, research and discuss the Equal Money System at Equalmoney.org.

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