Day 2: Identifying Systems of Abuse

Throughout this Journey to Life, in addition to identifying and exposing the patterns of my participation whereby I have come to define myself, I also commit myself to identifying systems of abuse – as I am able to recognize them and see my own participation within and as them – and, in accepting responsibility for the resultant abuse manifested, forgive myself for my acceptances and allowances which have prolonged and perpetuated our separation from our fellow beings with which we share this earth.


Artwork by Ingrid Bloemheuvel

Shortly after I accessed the internet this morning, the title of an email, from one of several health-related sites to which I subscribe, caught my attention:  The Everyday Drink That May Contain Blood, Pus and Drugs.  Following the link, one can watch a disturbing video depicting the inhumane treatment of dairy cows, as well as read an article about modern day dairy farming. Gone are the days when our dairy cows were healthy and roamed freely in grassy pastures.  Commercial milk producers confine thousands of dairy cows in barren feed lots, force feed them, shoot them up with hormones and antibiotics, and start artificial insemination when they’re only 2 years old so they’ll produce calves which, in turn, stimulates lactation.  Within 60 days of birthing a calf, which in infancy is mistreated, the cycle starts again, and is repeated over and over until the cows are literally worn out.  If a cow survives 4-6 years, (half its normal life expectancy) it will end up being sold to be slaughtered and added to the public’s meat supply.  All this, in the name of MONEY to produce a product that is nutritionally suspect – at best.  Considering that humans are the only mammals that continue to drink milk after they’re weaned, one should wonder why we even consume it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate as a customer and consumer within the system of abuse that is the modern day dairy industry.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to passively accept the abuse of the sentient beings that are dairy cows by supporting the dairy industry as a consumer.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see myself as separate from, and not responsible for, abuse perpetrated on any other being in this world, instead of realizing that we are one with all life, and that every Life on this earth is of equal ‘value’ and, as such, is an integral part of the whole of existence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate within and as the systems which look upon the abuse of our fellow earthlings as necessary for survival within the current money system, where money has become god, determining who lives and who dies.

I commit myself to supporting the implementation of an Equal Money System, whereby All Life will be supported and All will be guaranteed a dignified life.  And I commit myself to identifying the patterns within, through and as I have defined myself and my relationship with all of existence through my acceptances and allowances and delete those patterns through directed self-forgiveness, in becoming co-creator of a world of Equality and Oneness.

Join us for discussions about Equality and creating a world that’s Best for All on the Forum at and, research and discuss the Equal Money System Solution at

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