Day 3: The Right to Bear Arms?

I happened to come upon a few friends discussing an incident that’s been in the news quite a bit, recently – the Trayvon Martin case.  This story has made headlines internationally so, I’m not going to go into any details regarding this incident or the impending trial of the person who shot the young man.  The thing is, if George Zimmerman hadn’t had a gun on him, in all probability, nothing would have happened.  It’s time we take issue with the systems that support the existence of guns.

Guns were created as an implement of war – a tool to kill another being.  From a historical perspective, we’ve come a long way in the development of weapons.  At some point, man figured out how to use rocks and sticks to defend themselves against animals, then figured out he could eat the animals for food so he went from defending himself to hunting.  Then, man became selfish and wanted more than his fellow beings.  The design of greed possessed him and he decided that he wanted to take something that someone else had in his possession and, whether it was the victim defending himself or the thief that decided to use his rock or stick to subdue his fellow man, someone used a weapon against another.  Over thousands and thousands of years, man developed better weapons – he learned to sharpen sticks that he could stab with or throw, sling(shots) to throw rocks harder and farther, arrows and bows, and catapults – to throw bigger rocks.   With gunpowder, man developed cannons to shoot a large projectile over distance with accuracy and, eventually, someone decided that he needed a smaller, hand held cannon, justified it by pointing out all of the possible advantages and, guns were born and we’ve been using them to kill each other ever since.  And now we have drones and missiles, where someone can be in a different part of the world as their ‘weapon’.

Featured Artwork by Matti Freeman

Almost all of my life, I defended the right to bear arms which, in the US, is a privilege ‘guaranteed’ by the 2nd amendment of the Constitution.   I defended and supported the right for people to own guns for protection or sport.  But, for someone to feel like they need to carry a gun for their protection – accepting a tool of violence as a possible solution for anything – it’s obvious just how messed up we’ve allowed this existence to get.   What I’ve come to realize is that:  In our Journey to Life – where we have committed ourselves to creating a world that’s Best for All, we’ve got to create a world where no one would even consider needing to defend his/her self – that needing or carrying a gun would not even be seen as an option because no one would ever have the want/need/desire to threaten another or treat them in a way that was anything but equal.   When mankind realizes that the only way we are going to survive on this earth is through recognizing that we are all One and Equal, weapons can be phased out of this existence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that violence could ever be a solution.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I – or anyone else – needed a weapon to defend myself from a fellow being.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate within a system where the existence of weapons was considered OK, instead of realizing that the existence of weapons perpetuates the existence of violence and abuse and in no way supports Life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that there are ‘bad’ people in this world that ‘deserved’ to die, instead of recognizing that we are all equal and one reflections of each other’s acceptances and allowances.

I forgive myself for my participation within a system which has created the conditions where individuals have believed that they had no recourse other than committing a crime in order to survive which, in fact, makes the system itself criminal since it does not support what’s best for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to support the use of violence/war as a method of achieving peace, instead of realizing that peace can never be achieved and, will never be maintained if one is in readiness for war, as one cannot exist without the other.

I commit myself to supporting the implementation of an Equal Money System, which will guarantee that all can live a dignified life, supporting and providing for the basic needs of every man, woman & child, within a system where no decision will ever be based on greed or self-interest, and every decision made will meet the most basic criteria that it’s Best for All.

Join us for discussions about Equality and creating a world that’s Best for All on the Forum at and, research and discuss the Equal Money System Solution at

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