Day 18: Distractions Galore

There are SO MANY things ‘out there’ to distract me/us from facing myself/ourselves…  And, they’re systems that I am, through allowance, guilty of creating and perpetuating…

Throughout every minute of every day we can occupy ourselves with ‘stuff’ – vast amounts of it – be it entertainment, education/education issues, global/social issues, geopolitical issues, “conspiracy theories’, environmental issues, survival issues, or family issues – that are among the many ‘topics’ we can distract ourselves with.  There is not a single person any of us knows that doesn’t preoccupy themselves with SOMETHING most of the time.  And, it is sooooo easy to do.

We’ve got an entire generation (or two) that’s preoccupied with gadgets.  From iphones to ipads et al, technology has brought us to the point where one can communicate with people on any and every continent by voice or text message with a pocket-sized device that can also store countless hours of music for playback, connect to the internet, take pictures and videos or, one can lose him/her self in a fantasy land of video games.  Most of these devices are manufactured by workforces under slave-like conditions and, suppressed research has shown that there are some health risks associated with long-term usage of cell phone devices as having the potential to cause brain tumors or kill brain cells.

Humans’ acceptance and allowance –and tolerance – for violence and abuse against our fellow earthlings is amazing.  We have become numb to it.  While people are abhorred over the recent shootings in Colorado at the opening of the Batman movie, those same people remain unconcerned that our society is bombarded with violence through all kinds of entertainment – movies, TV and video games.  The continuous wars sponsored, instigated and supported by the warmongers of western governments and the military industrial complex – where innocent civilians are killed and maimed daily – have become the norm for every-day news to the point where people don’t even pay attention to the reports anymore.  The Colorado shooting brought this violence closer to home for many, which is the only reason it’s created such an outcry.  To the victims of the warmongers in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, 12 innocent people dead and 50 wounded is just another day – among the many they live in fear for their own lives and those of their families.

Healthcare reform in this country stays in the news as politicians refuse to agree on any kind of plan that would be supportive for the general population.  Like everything else, money is the core issue as special interest groups ONLY concerned about profits have purchased the support of elected officials to represent their interests instead of the interests of the people.  This comes as no surprise as the pharmaceutical industry has owned the regulating bodies of the healthcare industry for years, suppressing and criminalizing alternative remedies and cures while promoting medication for life programs for patients under psychiatric care and causing health problems through their vaccination programs.

The continued assault on our environment and nature in the name of profit is taking its toll on this planet that provides us with everything necessary for every being born to survive and thrive.  We have been brainwashed to consume – watch this documentary:  The Century Of The Self – and consume we have and still do.  Few care about the long term effects of deforestation.  The masses are oblivious to the damaging effects things like fracking are having on the environment, contaminating underground water resources and polluting streams and rivers.  Not to mention the fact that we humans are systemically wiping out species after species of wildlife with our total disregard for nature.   And, as long as we worship money as god, the raping and pillaging of the earth for her resources will continue.

Millions have been caught up or gotten involved in the ‘Occupy’ movement due to the inequalities of the money system and the toll the financial crisis has had on the ‘99%’, as conspiracy theories abound regarding the corruption within the world’s banking/financial systems.  The masses are struggling simply to survive, as more and more join the ranks of poverty every day and slavery is at an all-time high, while the wealthiest keep accumulating more and more wealth.   Worldwide, for children under the age of 5, the daily death toll from hunger related causes tops 17,000, equal to a holocaust every year, in a world of 7 billion that produces enough food to feed 12 billion.

These aforementioned topics are but a sampling of the things that I have found myself becoming preoccupied with – reading, researching, watching videos, etc. – distracting myself and postponing self-honestly facing myself and my acceptances and allowances.  I understand – as knowledge – that in order for change to occur, I must become the change that I want to see in this world.   And, although I am but one individual who, like most of the rest of humanity, has always seen myself as too small and insignificant to affect change in this world, I realize that it all begins with me ( 1 ) one breath at a time.  And if I can change, others can change, too ( 1 + 1 ).   As more and more people change, change starts accumulating ( 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 ) eventually accumulating exponentially.  Then we can and will affect true change in this world, creating a world that’s Best for All Life, as All as One as Equals.

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