Day 24: The Plight of the Middle Class

For context see:  Congress-Middle-class-shrank-2000s-worst-decade-modern-history

Last week, Pew Research Center, a non-partisan independent research group, released a report verifying what most of us already knew regarding the decade of the 2000s, summing it up with this comment: “America’s middle class has endured its worst decade in modern history”. Families are having difficulty maintaining their standard of living. Real income dropped significantly as wages haven’t kept up with inflation. Net worth plummeted as the market crash and housing crisis took their toll on middle income Americans. And, as would be expected, most of those surveyed placed blame on Congress and Wall Street.
What the survey didn’t address were the millions who have dropped below the poverty line to join the ranks of the poor. Or, the millions that are unemployed – who lost their jobs – as companies downsized and/or closed factories, shipping production overseas to third world countries or to China, where slave labor wages enabled the corporate elite to continue to make record profits. Nor did it address the fact that military spending – supposedly for Defense but, seems it would be more appropriate if we referred to it as Military Offense spending – continued to increase, stuffing the coffers of the military/industrial complex with records profits. At the same time health care spending increased while reports at the end of the decade showed that for the first time in a century, life expectancy actually regressed in the US – where a 20 year old will have less years of goodhealth ahead of him/her and a shorter life span, than a 20 year old from the prior decade.

Artwork by Ann Van Den Broeck

While this kind of information is certainly not broadcast by mainstream media, it’s all available with just a little effort doing some research. And, when sharing this kind of ‘news’ with friends or co-workers, all will agree that our standard of living is getting harder and harder to maintain. And, everyone wants to blame – somebody or some ‘thing’ – looking for a scapegoat on which to pin responsibility for their plight, with arguments/comments like: if my taxes weren’t going to support deadbeats; if those banksters hadn’t used the government bailout money for bonuses; if Bush hadn’t done this or, if Obama would do that, and on and on… And while it’s easy to see that all of these problems are due to our present profit and greed driven money system, these same people will vehemently defend the system that’s causing their problems… (Obviously, the brainwashing has been complete…)
What each of us must realize is that there is NO ONE ELSE to blame. We are ALL responsible. Each and every one of us are responsible, because we have accepted and allowed this system to exist as it does. We have accepted and allowed profit and greed to be the driving force of our existence as money has become God on this planet, determining who lives and who dies. Every decision we make is either based upon, or influenced by, MONEY.
There IS a solution, though – the Equal Money System. Within the Equal Money System, All Life will be supported equally, as the message of Jesus becomes living words: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and, Love your neighbor as yourself. These simple guidelines are the basis for the principle of equality – the foundation for creating Heaven on Earth in a world that’s Best for All.
Information regarding the Equal Money System (EMS) is also readily available with just a little effort put into research. Have a look at the EMS and join us for discussion on the forums at the links provided for  and, for the Equal Money System Solution at

Also recommend that you read some of the Journey to Life blogs, especially:   Creation’s Journey to Life ,  Heaven’s Journey to Life & Earth’s Journey to Life, among the many blogs listed, that are written by others dedicated to equality and are walking this journey.

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