Day 26: Money as the Motivator…

Can money be a motivator? If one were to ask that question to millions – rather billions – around the world, there would probably be a quick follow-up question to find out “for what?”… Of course money is a motivator. It is THE motivator. (Note: the only people that would ever say that money is not a motivator already have plenty…) Money is THE motivator because it is the ONLY thing that can ensure our survival. If you’ve got it, you live. If you don’t have it, you die. And we all fit somewhere within the equation of those polar opposites within our fear for survival.

So, what about those of us that have worked most of our lives? Not at the top – but not at the bottom of that pole, we’ve been ‘out there’ – making a living – raising/supporting a family – living from paycheck to paycheck – and trying to put a little money back for a ‘nest egg’. We’ve seen pension plans disappear or be discontinued. We’ve seen the retirement age pushed back – meaning we have to work more years and retire at an older age than we ever planned on… We’ve seen people within government that are targeting programs like Social Security to be privatized so the money can disappear into the hands of the corporate banksters. And after you’ve been at it for a while, it’s easier to see how the system really works. You can see that it doesn’t matter your position, you are just like everyone else – replaceable. As much as we each want to think we’re indispensable, we know it just ain’t so… So, we keep plugging away, hoping to be able to get to retirement age and have enough in our retirement savings so we can call it quits “on our own terms” ( yeah right – that’s the free choice illusion all over again).

Some of us have been fortunate enough to have run across an organization like Desteni, who has presented the most common-sensical solution for the world’s money problems with the Equal Money System – where NO ONE will EVER have to fear for their own or anyone else’s survival. Along with that, Desteni offers the greatest self-help process to one and all – where through self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self corrective application, we take responsibility for ourselves and our role in this physical world, and face ourselves as we lift the veil of our programming. This is not an easy process. It’s one that requires commitment and discipline. It’s one thing to “know” what needs to be done but, ‘knowing’ something and ‘doing’ it are two different things…

What I have noticed about myself, though, is that I won’t necessarily let things slide as much at work as I do at home and/or in relation to commitments I have made as far as self-support goes. Sure, in the constant juggling of priorities at work, where sometimes my priorities aren’t really MY priorities but, are things that have to be taken care of ‘out of sequence’, I may put off some things to do at a later time but, everything still has to get done by a deadline. Budgets, evaluations, reports, projects have to be completed on time. Some may get completed long before the deadline and others may be submitted literally at the last minute. But, the fact is, I get them done. So, how is it that I don’t have the same level of performance or the same consistency in relation to my own self-support within my personal process? I’ve written about procrastination, fear, blame, self-judgment and distractions – among other things – as reasons BUT, when I really look closely at the main difference between how I’m different in dealing with each, it can be brought back to MONEY. Yes, money as the motivator. Because if I don’t perform at work, and do those things I have to do – I could lose my job resulting in financial repercussions that could significantly affect the way I live. Whereas, if I don’t complete an assignment or write a blog in the time that I have committed myself to do so…well, I seem to be able to justify postponing helping myself… Thus:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to treat my process as though it isn’t important because there’s no money tied to it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create excuses to justify postponement of my process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be content within realizations that exist within myself simply as knowledge and information, instead of pushing myself to live the principle of equality in self-honesty, by forgiving myself for my participation within and as acceptances and allowances I have accumulated during my lifetime that have contributed to this world of abuse.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place more importance on the possibility of financial repercussions than on the probability of freeing myself of lifelong brainwashing and suppression that will be realized by walking this process in self-honesty, through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to waver in my direction and dedication to becoming a co-creator of a world that’s best for all, by failing to be consistent in my process.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let my secret mind continue winning the battle and – metaphorically speaking – taking the blue pill instead of the red pill, thereby choosing submission to the system instead of walking the path to wake up and free myself from the shackles of the mind consciousness system.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to reap the benefits of self-honest self-forgiveness by sabotaging my process with excuses/justifications/reasons for continuing to exist in old patterns of abuse.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to see, realize and understand that every time I compromise myself by allowing myself to let the self-support goals of my personal life slide while I don’t allow myself to let professional goals slide, I further ingrain this Jekyll and Hyde pattern into my consciousness/personality by adding another layer of suppression that will have to be peeled away.

I realize that when I allow myself to make excuses or justifications for not completing assignments or writing when I had committed to doing so, that I present a false pretense to others within the group, because I participate as though I’m doing everything I need to be doing.

When and as I see myself considering making an excuse or justification in my mind to slack off within my process, I stop and I breathe – and I direct myself to forgive myself for any self-judgment or blame I have directed at myself, and I commit myself to making realistic, manageable goals and commitments within my process…


Recommended reading:  the Journey to Life blogs, especially:   Creation’s Journey to Life ,  Heaven’s Journey to Life & Earth’s Journey to Life, among the many blogs listed, that are written by others dedicated to equality and are walking this journey.

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