Day 28: Cleaning our “Mind Room”

Energy is never real

On my way home from work this evening, I was listening to the “Demons in the Afterlife – Part 13” interview – which, by the way, is yet another fabulous interview series available at EQAFE – and at one part of the interview, an analogy was made looking at our “mind” as a “room”, pointing out that the difference between this room and the room /house/apartment we physically live in is that we never clean this one up. I had to chuckle a little bit because I realized how true that is. We’ll go to great lengths cleaning, arranging and organizing, and getting rid of old stuff as we replace it with new in our physical home. But, we NEVER take the time to clean up our “mind room”. And I whole heartedly agreed to the comment that the first room a child “should be taught to clean is their “Mind Room” and within that, practically physically relate it to their own physical room – cleaning the inside and the outside equal and one”.

Really, when I stopped to consider that I’m a few months past my 58th birthday and, I haven’t ever really ‘cleaned’ my “Mind Room” and oh, what a mess it has become. Imagine going that long in your house without ever cleaning up – throwing out the garbage, or washing the dishes, or washing the windows, or sweeping and mopping the floor, or just tidying up putting things away. Can you imagine that? I mean, I’ve been alive in this physical form for approximately 21,275 days. I’ve accumulated a lot of crap in that length of time. Every thought, fantasy, memory, every opinion made, heard, seen or read, every energetic experience, every physical experience , not to mention all the brainwashing… I’ve read that every time we blink our mind is taking a snapshot. Well, we blink 12-15 times a minute – at 12 times per minute, let’s say I was only awake 16 hours a day – that’s 11,520 images my mind captured every day along with any thoughts, feelings and emotions attached to each. Multiply that by 21,275 days and that’s over 245 million images that have been stored in my mind – amongst all the other clutter that has accumulated. It’s hard to even fathom just how badly my “Mind Room” needs to be cleaned. But, that’s what this process will assist and enable me to do. That’s why it’s a minimum 7 year process for those that are consistent – which is something I haven’t been and, was kind of down on myself for not being. But, the thing is, we’re all in process in this life whether we realize it or not. We each have this life to figure this out – how to become equal and one with this physical existence – through self-honesty and self-forgiveness – instead of the energetic existence we’ve existed in within our minds. So, bit by bit, I’ll go about cleaning my “Mind Room”.

For whoever reads this, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading the Journey to Life blogs listed – there are so many great blogs. Also, check out the self-improvement products and interview series available at EQAFE. And, if you’re ready to start cleaning up your “Mind Room” join us at Desteni to find out how – so together we can become co-creators of a world that’s Best for All.

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