Day 29: Conceptualizing my Mind Room

Change directionMuch of my world within this three dimensional existence has to do with the spatial qualities or requirements of ‘stuff’. Yes, size matters – especially when you’re involved in warehousing. So, conceptualizing this MindRoom of mine – even though it’s in the dimension of the mind – and realizing the volumes of worthless, senseless crap that I have accumulated over all these years – is a little on the overwhelming side. I’ve always been a good ‘packer’. Whether it’s packing a car/truck/trailer for a camping trip, a rental moving truck/van, a storage unit, or warehouse space, I can get a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in a limited amount of space. So, within and as this packer character, I have had this tendency to imagine my Mind Room as if it were 3D and the past couple of days I’ve caught myself fucking with myself – as thoughts in my mind – with thoughts and ideas such as: just think how much stuff I’ve packed away in this mind room; there’s so much in this mind room and the way I pack, I’ll never get through it; and, that there’s no end to it – it’s limitless…
I’m seeing this as kinda like going to a storage unit that I’ve had for years but haven’t looked in for a long, long time, opening the garage-type door and standing there looking in wondering where to start. It’s obvious that it’s full but, I can’t really tell how big it is. I didn’t keep track of everything that I put into it. There’s a hint of familiarity – I can tell that I packed it and it’s full of boxes I recognize. But, none of the boxes are labeled and I won’t have any idea what’s in each until I open it and have a look at its contents. Some of the boxes will be repacks – where I would have consolidated some smaller boxes into larger boxes so stuff would ‘fit’ better. I’ve even considered that it might be like the never-ending file drawer I’ve seen in movies (Beeltejuice & Bruce Almight) where the drawer just keeps coming and coming and coming out of this seemingly normal file cabinet, and that the more I pull out of it and go through it there will be more to take it’s place.
However, I’ve just had to stop and look at this ‘feeling’ of being overwhelmed with a little bit of common sense about how the secret mind works. I know that my mind likes being in control and really would like for me to continue being its slave – and certainly doesn’t want me to become the directive principle in my life and clean up my Mind Room. I also know that throughout my life, there are/have been patterns in how I’ve existed and, that those patterns have repeated themselves over and over and over. So, it’s not like I have to re-live every moment to clean this stuff up. As I take a self-honest, introspective look at the different patterns within which I have existed, I won’t necessarily have to look at every single moment I’ve ever existed within a given pattern. In facing self and applying self-forgiveness for my acceptances and allowances within the patterns I have walked this life – whether they have been repeated a few times or a hundred – through self-corrective application one can face a pattern head on – and transcend it – without re-living every occurrence one existed in that pattern in one’s life… I know there will be times that I time-loop and have to face a pattern more than once but, that will be because there was something about it that I missed or didn’t face in self-honesty. But, this isn’t like opening a box and assuming that I know all of the contents by glancing at what’s on top – it will require digging down into it – that self-honest introspection – and addressing it accordingly…
This will be a journey – a Journey to Life. Indeed…
Again, I highly recommend that one read the Journey to Life blogs listed under “Blogroll” here on this page and, check out the free self-perfection merchandise on EQAFE. And, if you’re ready to start cleaning up your “Mind Room” join us at the Desteni Forum to find out how – so together we can become co-creators of a world that’s Best for All.

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