Day 33 – Partners With Cancer – Wading Through the Muck

Like most people, I believed that no long term cures for cancer had been found that could be provided to the masses. Worldwide, there are hundreds of organizations dedicated to cancer research that are always needing to raise MONEY so they can fund the research and testing – and millions and millions of dollars have been raised for the cause over the years. There’s Runs and Walks and all kinds of fundraising efforts devoted to raising money to find one so, there must not be any – cures, that is. Suffice it to say that I have a different perspective now than I used to have…
Having started researching alternative cancer treatments/therapies before we had heard the definitive diagnosis, it didn’t take long to find out that thousands of people had been cured – or had cured themselves – of cancer, using many different methods. I was intent on supporting my partner’s decision whatever it ended up being but, the prospect of double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation – the standard slash, poison and burn protocol – scared her more than it did me, and when she decided to look into alternatives, I experienced a sense of relief. At that point I still didn’t know a whole lot but, mainstream medicine’s track record for curing cancer is abysmal when you start looking at statistics so, I figured we couldn’t do any worse on our own.
Like every topic I’ve researched using the internet, picking where to start can be kind of intimidating because there are so many to choose from. Having become acquainted with a number of people through different Facebook groups, I joined and started looking at various posts in a few of the more than 1,000 cancer related groups on Facebook. Once that door is opened, there’s more information than one person can ever process so, you start wading through the muck – picking topics and following paths to see where they lead, then do that again and again until you feel that you’ve looked at this from a number of different directions/perspectives.
destroyersProbably what I found most amazing throughout this research is how much information has been suppressed regarding alternative cancer cures. Seriously, I had no clue that there were so damn many cures for cancer already found to be successful, with all of the propaganda we’re still bombarded with about finding a cure…
Who knew that a Canadian nurse, using an ancient Canadian Ojibway Indian herbal formula, cured thousands of people of cancer over more than 20 years of practice – before World War II?
Who knew that a dentist – sent home to die with liver and pancreatic cancer – developed a metabolic diet that cured his cancer and many thousands more over the last 35 years of his life?
Who knew that, for 40 years, a Texas doctor has been fighting the FDA and AMA to let him use his cancer cure?
Who knew that, from the late ‘50s through the ‘60s and ‘70s, the FDA harassed, raided, arrested, and confiscated equipment and supplies from cancer clinics throughout the US that had successfully cured cancerpatients using alternative methods?
Who knew that there are people (trolls) that are paid to find, debunk, discredit, invalidate and ridicule the authors of any articles, blogs and/or videos posted on the internet about successful alternative cancer therapies/treatments?
Who knew…?
I can’t tell you how many hours my partner spent before developing/deciding upon the basic hybrid protocol she’s been following the past 14 months, or how many times she’s ‘tweaked’ it, as she’s learned of different vitamins and supplements to assist her physical body in healing itself. But, the initial decision had to be made somewhat quickly – but certainly not hastily – looking into as many aspects as possible in a short period of time. After all, we had a diagnosis and had been presented with a course of action – double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation – and were being asked to finalize scheduling for a pet scan and surgery – the pet scan being used to locate any/all other cancerous tumors present and to identify any lymph node metastases. Oh yeah, add multiple lymph node removal and the prospect of lymphedema to go along with the more well know side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It didn’t take long to realize that there are indeed alternatives to the standard protocols – many, many alternatives, that have worked – yes, cured cancer – for many thousands of people over a long period of time.
The decision to cancel any further treatment was met with disappointment by the team of people assigned to my partner’s care as soon as she had her mammogram. These are caring people who did their jobs very well, firmly believing that the treatment plan they assist in administering will have the best possible outcome for their patients – and in their world they are probably as good as there are – but, that’s all they know – they’re unaware that successful alternative cancer therapies exist. They believe the propaganda – just like I did…
More to come…
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