36 Common Cold Catalyst for Self-Expansion?

I’ve been “fighting” this head cold for about a week and a half which, for me, is truly out of the ordinary, as I haven’t really been what I’d call “sick”, in almost 10 years… Admittedly, I had become somewhat complacent in sticking to my regimen of ingesting and inhaling hydrogen peroxide, drinking a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar, and taking a couple of other supplements on a regular schedule – if not daily. In these last 9 yrs and almost 11 months since I was last sick (the last time I had the flu), anytime I’d get lax and was exposed to something – like a cold – I could quickly nip it in the bud just by getting back on a daily schedule at an increased dose for a day or two, never getting anything more than the sniffles for maybe a day. But, this one has been different, it’s hung on…

I have been looking at and working on incorporating living self-expansion in all phases of my life, so I decided to expand my “knowledge box” of self-treatment ideas, and have a look at what is here – in my house. I have quite an array of supplements, left over from my late wife’s process with cancer, and I hadn’t taken/made the time to go through them.  So I got the big book out and went through them – not only to see what all was there and its purpose, but to also see if any could be supportive for my physical body/immune system in dealing with my current condition. It took a while to go through them all, but I found several that I could start taking immediately. There were others that I might take occasionally and some I’ll give away while they’re still good so, it was a good exercise to go through all that stuff. I learned some practical information and can utilize these products to assist my physical body.

Earlier today, while reading a chat log, one of the guys had asked a question about “catching a cold”, and I recalled seeing a post that I had wanted to check out but didn’t have time when I saw it – somewhere – then remembered it was a Review – on the Eqafe facebook page, for The Evolution of the Common Cold interview in The Futhe-evolution-of-the-common-cold-2013-future-of-consciousness-part-44ture of Consciousness series.. Before recommending an interview to anyone, I always listen to it – again, if I’ve listened to it before – and, man, am I glad I did. The interview looks at the relationship between the cold /flu virus, the physical body, and the mind – and that relationship is truly fascinating – especially when the interview got to the part where we’re told that one of the interesting things about the relationship the cold/flu virus has with the physical body, is that it targets emotional weaknesses within deep physical dimensions – memories existing within the physical body that have a particular emotional charge to them, that have been accumulating over time..  So, when we catch a cold, we’re told to look at a period of a couple of months, where we’ve had memories/events existing within us that have a particular emotional charge to them… Basically, to look at recent memories that pretty much have the same emotional charge to them, that seem to be coming up more recently and, seem to have been amplified since getting sick..

No light bulb coming on here. I knew… I knew immediately. A whole bunch of memories… They’d been coming up every now and then over the past couple of months – little things, here and there… And, it’s not like I’d participate in a lot of energy with them, but I didn’t “look” at them when they occurred. I was almost dismissive – not giving attention to the underlying emotional attachment.

I’ve considered for a while, now, that I’ve done a pretty good job of “letting go” – through self-forgiveness releasing the emotional charge(s) I had accepted and allowed my mind to create and attach to so many memories – even ones I had imagined might happen, or might have happened, if Cathy were still alive. But these little memories have been popping up – physical memories – of little things I still “missed” like: holding hands; her caress; how she’d put her hand on my face; what a good kisser she was… lots of little things like that – each bearing a subtle hint of sadness So, while I was listening to the interview, I realized that I had to face everything I “miss”, as each and every one of those “missings” was an emotional attachment to a memory – and, oh, by the way, allowing that relationship to exist has affected my physical body’s ability to heal itself…

My mind didn’t really want to do this, but I knew that I needed to face these memories, forgive them, and let them go – like right now – I couldn’t put it off, or tell myself
I’d write it out later… Nope. This had to be done NOW. So, I stood up and directed myself to speak out loud any and every “thing” that came up that I “missed “- from the way she’d bite her lip when she was focusing on something (like she was the very first time I ever saw her), to how she’d snuggle up against me in bed when it was cold… And, for everything that came up, I sounded self-forgiveness, for accepting and allowing myself to create then perpetuate the emotions and /or feelings – that emotional charge – attached to the memory. It was an emotional process – my mind was fighting it all the way – every time I brought up another memory / something else I’ve “missed”, my mind was like Noooo, Not That! – it wanted to hang on to that energetic charge. And with almost every memory that came up, I had a good cry, too – a letting go kind of cry. It turned out to be liberating, as I had to look deep within myself to identify, forgive and discharge these emotions and feelings viruses, expanding self-awareness in the process….

Soon after Cathy’s death, a dear friend had recommended that any time a memory came up where I “miss her”, to stop, take a breath, and remember or consider that Miss Her = Me Is Her, and let that serve as a reminder of who she was and had become – the principles she embraced and stood as an example – the perspectives she shared. That’s what lives on in us..  And that recommendation has helped me tremendously over these months…   I hadn’t forgotten it – but I had avoided facing the emotional attachment I still had to so many memories… Now, having faced those emotions and feelings, I see those events as bits and pieces – each a gift – within the Gift our relationship and partnership was, all for which I am most grateful… And as a result of this process, I’m now able to let Her go…

To be continued….

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Marlen says:

    🙂 Thanks for sharing Randy!

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